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What better way to start of the year of 2019 than with my goals for the year? I know! How original. This post is actually more for myself than it is for my readers, as much as I love you all. I am under the impression if I write it down, share it with the world, I am more likely to actually stick to them. There is physical evidence of me actually wanting to do them!

  • Have baby! For those of you who don’t know, yes, I am pregnant! I am due in the month of April. Meaning, baby will be here at some point this year – So scary to be saying that!


  • Journal. Bullet Journalling is something I have loved for over a year now, so I would love to carry on with that. Not only for myself but for baby too. I have a whole post on my baby journal here if you are interested. If that’s not your thing I have a post about the way I set up the new journal here. My old one didn’t quite make it till December, so I needed a new one before the year! I will be doing one for January as well, so keep an eye out for that one! I want to be tracking almost everything along this pregnancy road I am currently on. It also helps me so much mentally, so I like to journal on an almost daily basis, to track how I am feeling at the time.

  • Grow my hair. This is such a random thing, but my hair is taking the longest time to grow, the amount I miss my long hair is crazy! Hence the reason I want to grow it, if I ever want to cut it short I am looking at this post again, to remind myself it’s not a good idea!


  • Hydrate. Something I have always struggled with is drinking water, I don’t know what it is but I just can’t do it. I will for say a month, then just fall off the bandwagon, going back to my one glass of water a day. This year though, I am determined to get myself a little more hydrated. P.S Does Tea count as water?!

  • Finish Therapy. I have only 3 months of my Therapy sessions left, which is overwhelming. I am hoping to get a lot more from these next three months though. Helping me to carry on for the rest of 2019, with a lot fewer hiccups than there was 2018.


  • Eat less Chocolate. What a bad time of year for me to pledge this to myself! I am craving anything sweet. Plus, I have a cupboard full of Christmas chocolate! But, all of this sugar is NOT doing me any good.
  • Post 2x a week. Since starting this blog in November I have not quite got into the flow of things yet. I feel like I was just getting into it then along comes Christmas! With that, and the new year, now out of the way I feel like I have a lot more time to focus on my new little blog. As well as cutting down my hours at work, due to pregnancy. I feel it is the perfect time for me.


  • Instagram 3x a week. Along with the blog comes my new Instagram page. Before this I didn’t have any form of Instagram – no! Not even a personal one. Since I created it though, I am in love with it. I feel like it’s a little more personal than just a blog page, which is why I would like to share content on there 3x a week – posting just a photo is much easier than a whole blog post!
    P.S My Instagram link is here if you’re not following me already!

  • Have 200 followers. Again, this blog page, I feel, hasn’t really taken off yet. I am hoping by the end of the year I will have at least 200 followers to follow me along the way of this blogging rollercoaster.


  • Share Makeup Of The Day. Something I love looking at/reading is people’s Makeup Of The Day. Something about just sitting down with no ideas or inspiration, just applying makeup onto my face until I feel satisfied is something I love. I have come off the makeup bandwagon at the moment, but I feel I will be back on there very soon. With my Instagram and blog up and running now, I have the tools to get some inspiration. Also, creating a new makeup look I love gives me a whole new found confidence – something I need.


What’s your goals for the upcoming year? Jade xo

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