First Post 19.11.18


Hi there!

Returning to the blogging world, for the second time, is a very daunting thing – So go easy on me alright! I actually feel like I am starting this all for the very first time, not remembering how to even type on my keyboard, let alone put together a perfectly executed blog post! I just don’t feel my previous site is relevant to my current lifestyle anymore, so instead of just revamping, I have completely renovated, making a brand new site.


Welcome! Jades Way is the tiny corner of the internet, to build a community of people who share the same passions. If you love beauty, reading, bullet journalling then you are in the right place! Whether it’s just drooling over the completely perfect bullet journal spread, that we all know is almost impossible to recreate or to learn new beauty tricks, I believe we will become very well acquainted. I am also, currently, going through the motions of my first pregnancy, so hey! If you’re new to this ‘pregnancy thing’ too then I’d love for you to stick around.


If you haven’t figured this out already, my name is Jade – Who’d have guessed huh?! Working as a full-time waitress, I missed the blogging world too much for myself not to return. I have returned to the Beauty world, but the Pregnancy and Bullet Journalling community are a little more new to me. So I am really looking forward to sharing with you the tips and tricks I have learned, as well as forever learning with the new things you are sending me!


So hey! If you’re planning to ride this rollercoaster of life with me, come to say Hi to me on Instagram HERE.

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