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Finding places to put my newborn sized babies clothes was something I was really stressing over. Being in a 1-bed flat, storage space is limited, as you can imagine. So, when 3 black bags of clothes were given to me to sit alongside the other black bag of clothes I had purchased I decided a new chest of drawers is what was needed. I purchased a three-draw set from Argos at somewhere between £20 and £30; I can’t remember the exact price. They were then put together. I was anticipating having to remove my beloved makeup table from the room in order to have room for these drawers. Behold, they fit perfectly underneath, it’s almost like they were meant to be like this; They weren’t just in case you were wondering!




I set aside a whole morning for me to sort through all the bags of clothing. Not only did I want me to feel a little more ready; Babies can come at the most unexpected times. I wanted my living room floor space back, it was starting to feel cluttered and messy.




I had seen all over the internet a folding technique, that involves folding clothes in a such a way that you can see the front of the items; Not only that but you can fit so many more items into just one draw! Halfway through organizing the clothes, I remembered it. Yes! I took everything out and reput it all back in. I am so glad I did, there never would have been enough room for the clothes otherwise. How long it will last like this is a different story though. Although, I like to think I will keep it as organised as this when the baby is here because it is so easy to put everything back into the drawers.





I have organised the clothes in size, so the smaller ones are at the top (Tiny Size/Newborn). The short sleeved clothes have been put on the left-hand side, the longer sleeved babygrows are on the right. I also put them in order of wearing likeliness. Basically, my favourite items are at the front. I thought it would make it easier for me to grab the clothes I like more, instead of having to search through them to find one. Plus, all of my favourites are white, so can be worn any time!






The middle drawer is the clothes sized 0-3 months. Most of these were actually given to me if I am honest, but I only kept the things I liked. Again, the short-sleeved babygrows are on the left-hand side and the long-sleeved ones are on the right. With more long-sleeved babygrows in the middle, there was too many for the one line of them! There is also so more short-sleeved one rolled up at the back, but there are my spare ones. For if I run out of the other ones, my least favourites ones shall we say.







Drawer number three. This consist of the ‘outfits’. Basically anything of the above sizes that are not babygrows. I put the smaller sizes on the left-hand side of the drawer and the 0-3 months on the right. There is a real mix of things in this draw that I haven’t really managed to organize it too much. As long as I know what size is what I am pretty happy.
This draw also has the ‘coming home’ baby grow in, which will be moved to the hospital bag very shortly.







I then wanted a separate space for his ‘underwear’. Yes, my unborn baby has an underwear drawer! This has taken over one of mine from my bedside table. Inside I have put all of the socks, paired, on the left-hand side. On the right is all of his hats and mittens. I wanted to keep these two together because I can only imagine the number of lost mittens there are out there. A pair of mittens has been pt inside every hat. Some matching, some just plain white mittens. At the back of this drawer is the woollier hats, the ones I am more than likely going to pack in my hospital bag. For the very first few days after he is born.







Underneath here is just a drawer full of muslin blankets. These things are classed as a holy grail in the motherhood world. Which is why I have so many. Most of them are just plain colours; Mostly white to be honest. The from Dumbo one is the one he is coming home with. It matches the coming home outfit so how could I not choose this one?! Again, I used the folding technique I spoke about earlier. Making it easier to see them all as well as fit them all into just one drawer!







The last drawer is something in my large chest of drawers. This is classed as the miscellaneous. There are a few clothes that are slightly larger sizes so they won’t fit for a long time! No point in keeping them ones out, not just yet. There is a couple of jackets in here, they didn’t fit in the other drawers! Also, I put the two fluffy outfits in here. As much as I love these two items, I worry it’s the wrong time of year. But, I couldn’t not have them, so they are in this drawer just in case I do use them.




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