Baby Gender Predictions

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Most people have heard the old ‘Girls and Boys carry differently’ but other than that I have found some different ways you can predict your babies gender! I know how frustrating it is having to wait until the 20-week mark to find out, do you know how tempted I was to get another scan just to find out a little earlier?!

No-one can prove how accurate these tests actually are, so if they are wrong – that is not my fault! Just, have some fun with them!

  • How is your skin?
    Glowing / Clearer than before = A Boy
    Les clear than usual / Getting a few more spots = A Girl
    My skin has been a little more spotty than usual, with the odd spot appearing on my face!
  • What’s baby’ heartbeat like?
    Less than 140bpm = Boy
    More than 140bpm = Girl
  • Have you tried the ring test?
    The ring moving back-and-forth = Boy
    The ring moves in circles = Girl
    If you are unsure how to do this, you literally tie a ring onto a piece of long string, hanging it over the bump.

  • What are you craving?
    Salty foods = Boy
    Sweet foods = Girl
    The only thing I have been really craving is Baked Beans! Which is neither, but I would say it’s more salty than sweet, so this one indicates I am having a boy!
  • How are you carrying?
    Lower = Boy
    Higher = Girl
    This is the easiest one for me because my bump is literally so low!
  • Which of boob is bigger?
    Right = Boy
    Left = Girl
    My Right boob is bigger than my left, which has always been the case anyway! Even though, they have grown so much since being pregnant.
  • Where have you gained your pregnancy weight?
    Thighs = Boy
    Belly = Girl
    I appear to have gained weight only on my belly area, no weight has been put on anywhere else – or so that I can see!
  • How are your feet?
    Colder than usual = Boy
    About the same temperature = Girl
    I feel like mine has been around the same temperature, although I am wearing slippers a lot more now – Just because it is so much comfier.

  • Which side do you sleep now?
    Left = Boy
    Right = Girl
    I have always found it a lot more comfortable on my left side, being pregnant has not changed that for me.
  • How has Dad been?
    Maintained the same weight = Boy
    Gained weight = Girl
    I am sure my partner will love me for saying this because I think he looks exactly the same – even if I do feed him more sweets and chocolate now!
  • Do you now get headaches?
    Yes = Boy
    No = Girl
    I seem to get a few headaches now, but whether that is due to the fact my baby is a boy or because I don’t drink enough I will never know!
  • Have you had a gender dream?
    I dreamt it was a boy = Boy
    I dreamt it was a girl = Girl
    I had one dream, where the midwife told me it was a girl.
  • Hair growth?
    Grows much faster = Boy
    Grows at the same speed = Girl
    This is one I haven’t really taken much note of, although my partner might say different because of the state of my legs at the moment (Which is due to not shaving them, not because it is growing faster). Because I haven’t noticed any difference it must be growing at the same speed.

Even though I have mixed results from this, I am almost sure I am having a boy! My gut instinct is telling me that, which you should always go with – right?!

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