#BohoBerryChallenge Review | January 2019

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You may know if you follow me on Instagram, that I have been taking part in the Boho Berry January Writing Challenge. If you don’t know what this is then, I mean, do you even Bullet Journal if you don’t know who Boho Berry is? She basically, is the queen of journaling. She creates monthly challenges, to inspire you when you get stuck in a bit of writer’s block.


In her own words

‘The Boho Berry Challenge is a journaling challenge with a new theme each month. We’ll follow a set of prompts and journal to our heart’s content, sharing with each other along the way.

My hope is that through daily journaling and reflection in each of these areas, we will slowly but surely start to see valuable changes in our lives :)’ – source



This month, being the first of the year has a theme of check-in. Giving me a new prompt every day to encourage the positivity and motivation that normally comes with the new year. Now, let me tell you, the first 10 days I absolutely loved! They gave me a little nudge to think about the future 12 months. Things I want to achieve, goals and who I want to be. The perfect little prompts for me.


The next few days I felt required a lot more thought, which was okay with me. The main reason I wanted to take part in this was to write something every day, whether it just be something small or a whole paragraph. The prompts though, I was just not loving. I feel a few of them are the same, just worded slightly differently. Writing the same things over and over again got a little tedious for me. It might just be the way I took the prompts, as every person will use them differently. Which I understand, this is just what I think.


The next 10 days? Well, I am already bored with the Favourites and I am only 2 days in. I love talking about my favourite things. As a writing prompt though, to get my creativity out? I don’t feel it is working for me. The excitement for me to journal is just not there anymore. I wanted something that was going to get me on a tangent, end up writing whatever thoughts I get while writing. Something about writing a sentence, or even less, about my favourite book isn’t getting me thrilled to write.


Overall, I feel the first half of this challenge was thought out really well, but after that is kind of went downhill, for me personally. I can’t say I won’t be looking at February prompts to see whether I will be taking part or not. If it ends anything like this one though, I think I will pass. I will have to try to find another challenge to take part in. Anyone got any recommendations?
Have you been taking part, if so, what do you think of the prompts?


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