Book Review | 2019 Part 1

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I made a pledge to myself that I am going to start reading more this year. Reading is something I have always enjoyed, ever since I can remember. I just feel like I never get the time for it anymore. So, I am putting more time aside for reading. I thought it would be a little fun if I could keep a record of the books I have read, sharing my thoughts with you all.


A Whole New World – Liz Braswell

The first in the Twisted Tales series.
Aladdin was never one of my favourite Disney films. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it wouldn’t be my number 1 movie. This book, on the other hand, I actually prefer it to the original. A little like the new ‘real-life’ Disney movies. It has put a dark spin on the original Aladdin story. Instead of Aladdin getting the lamp, it lands in the hands of Jafar. Which, as you can imagine, doesn’t bode well for Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. They need to create a plan to retrieve the lamp and free the Genie from Jafar’s evil ways.

Once Upon A Dream – Liz Braswell

Now, I am not the most familiar with the Sleeping Beauty story. Of course, I know the basics, but I don’t remember much about the movie if I am honest. So, I don’t have much to compare this book too. That was better for me though, I went into it with an open mind.
This book took me over a month to complete. It’s something that I wanted to do I just didn’t enjoy reading it at all. Whether it was because I was not very familiar with the story or because I just didn’t like the story I’m not sure. I just know that it is not going to be something I pick up again – ever. I feel like it took a long time to actually get into the story, I’m talking quite a few chapters. Then, the story got into swing and just didn’t really go anywhere?! The final ‘battle’ was probably the best bit of the book, which took up 2 chapters, at the most. They then ended the story with a ‘happily ever after’ but they wasn’t married. Not the typical Disney Princess ending, but that’s the whole point in this series.
After reading this one, I am not sure how I feel about going into the rest of the series but as I did with this book. I will go into it with an open mind.

The Unmumsy Mum – Sarah Turner

This is mt favourite book I have read for a very long time. Anyone who is expecting a child, or has had a child needs to read this. I found myself laughing and crying throughout (I don’t cry at many things, so that’s really something for me!) She somehow really hit home with some of the things she writes about.
Basically, for anyone who doesn’t know what this book is about. It is all the ‘crappy’ bits about becoming a parent/being a parent. She has two little boys (At the time of writing the book, she actually now has three!) so she actually knows what she is talking about; I feel like it is so easy to judge parenting before you get there yourself! I am definately guilty of this.
It’s not one of those books that is going to prepare you for parenthood, give you advice or tips on how to raise the perfect child. It is actually quite the opposite. It assuring you that no matter how shite your parenting experience is right now, it’s temporary and it will get better. Not only that, but the most important message I got from this book is that ‘ I am not alone’. No matter what happens/has happened and how I felt at that time there is always at least one other parent who has felt the way I did at the time. This is the most reassuring message anyone can give I believe.

French Children Don’t Throw Food – PAmela Druckerman

This is a book written from an American who lives in France. She is bringing up her children in Paris. She speaks about the differences parenting techniques they use in France than the ones they use in America/United Kingdom. There is a lot of very distinct differences, from the French to the English. Throughout the book you can tell she has really devoted herself to the book, showing us a lot of the research that she has done. I feel like if you are looking to raise a child, this is definately a book to read. I have taken so much from it, so many new tips and tricks that I would have never thought of.

I really want to start reading more so let me know your favourite books below!

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