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This year, I am going to have a lot of free hours that I am not used to having – Thankyou maternity leave! Reading is something I have always enjoyed doing, I just feel like I never get the time! Although, I did manage to read just short of 20 books throughout the whole year. Which, considering I ‘never have the time’ I think that is actually quite a lot.
Mix my love with reading and a lot of spare daylight hours – Welcome to my To Read List of 2019.

A twisted tales series – Liz Braswell
a whole new world
once upon a dream
as old as time
Part of your world
mirror, mirror
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The unmumsy mum – Sarah Turner

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Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Powell

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Happy – Fearne Cotton

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Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia

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There is a lot more in my Goodreads To-Read list (which is linked below if you want to have a nose!), but these are the ones I am making a priority for this year. If I finish these with some time left, then, of course, I will move onto a new one from the ever-growing list!

What’s on your to-read list?

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