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Bullet Journalling is something I love doing, so being able to incorporate my pregnancy into it was just a must! I try to track my personal feelings, symptoms, and thoughts in my regular journal. I have purchased another one for actual baby things. Something I will keep for baby when he grows up.

The first thing I did in my personal journal was a symptom tracker. The first three months of pregnancy is the one with the most symptoms, so I knew I wanted to track them. All of the unflattering things about pregnancy, they’re there. From the days I felt my boobs hurting to the days I was sick.


Taking Folic Acid is something that is very highly recommended within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. So I added that into my monthly habits as well. Helping me to remember to take them – It didn’t work out too well if I’m honest. I have never been good at doing things every single day, so when they told me I needed to take a table every single day -I knew I wasn’t going to be very good at it. If there was a side effect of not taking it, something I could physically feel, then it would have been much easier!


Recording ALL of my appointment was a necessity for me. I forget everything anyway, when you add pregnancy into it, I am even worse. I wrote down every single one of my appointments as soon as the doctor/midwife told me them. Forever writing and rewriting them. I like to add a paragraph or something afterward the appointment. It is nice to look back to see how I felt as well as what happened.


Baby Journal


The first thing I added to the baby’s journal was a weekly table. I like to add any appointments I have upcoming. The main reason for this was to show, in one glance, the main symptoms. How they change over time. As well as a little exciting note for each week.


Baby names. Something that will always cause an argument between mum and dad! I wanted to track all the names both of us came up with, whether we wanted to stick to them or not. It’s nice to see what types of names each of us likes. I know straight away I prefer older names, whereas my partner prefers newer names.


Every scan I attend I put the picture in the journal. I like to see how the baby is growing throughout the 9 months he’s in there. I’ll always write the date of the scan as well as how far into the pregnancy I am. I try to write a little about the appointment itself, whether we got something from it.


I also wrote about the first time I felt him move, which is something I am planning to keep up. Writing the first time for things in there. I just feel like babies grow up so quickly, I want to document it all.


I would love to know if you have included anything I haven’t in mine. Wanting to include more into my journal all the time, leave your ideas below!

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