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Hi there!

So, I have recently come across the new Bullet Journalling Term ‘The Morning pages’
I know! I thought exactly the same at first. Writing something first thing in the morning is not going to happen, I don’t even know where I am when I first wake up. But guys, hear me out first!

First of all then, What is a Morning Page?

Exactly what the name would suggest, its something you write when you are still in bed, first thing in the morning. It could be anything; whether you record your dream you have just had, some thought processes you’re going through, a goals/to-do list for the day or just the way you are feeling about the up-coming day. You can commit to as little as just one page a day, or up to 3. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with. Personally, just one page for me is the most manageable, if I write more than that’s great! But I am not willing to penalize myself for writing any less than the one page I originally set out to write.

But, Why would I make time to write things in the morning when I have a lot more time to write in the evenings?

Well, writing in the morning is going to help you clear your mind, helping you to start the day with a fresh mindset. This, in effect, will help you with getting the most out of the day. Removing the negative thoughts and feelings that would be looming over you all day will get the productivity out of you that you have been looking for. Think of it like going through your wardrobe – removing all the old clothes you don’t wear anymore! You are not only making it a lot more organized and appealing, but you are making room for clothes you are actually going to get more use out of.
Aside from the negative thoughts and feelings, you are removing from your mind, it is the best time of day to get your motivational hit. If you feel a little motivational in the morning, think how good you are going to feel when you have managed to tick off some of the things you had written on your to-do list and still have a few hours in the evening to relax and do things for yourself!

It can’t be that easy, there must be some rules.

In a way that is true, there are a few simple rules you should probably stick too in order to gain the rewards of the morning pages.
First of all, you need to write in your journal every day, without fail. There is no room here for the, oh, well I wanted the extra 10 minutes in bed. No! There is no more of that, you need those 10 minutes of awake to get everything from your brain onto that paper. You forgot to do it first thing, and you’re already half-way through your day? Write in the journal as soon as you remember, or as soon as you get home. Realistically, how long will it take you to write just one page? Especially, if you are being completely honest and not needing to think about the words you are writing, 5 minutes? 10 minutes? If you are not willing to dedicate yourself those 10 minutes a day to write in your journal, then I don’t think you are ready to change your life for the better with these pages; The choice is yours!
Second, you do not let anyone read it. Not your partner, your sister, best friend or even yourself! You write, allowing the pen to flow on that page, close the book. That’s it! If you are going to be afraid that someone is looking at it, you may not write the truth in there – I know I wouldn’t, removing that detail there ‘forgetting that part’. You need it to be 100% completely honest for it to work, whether you are writing about all the annoying things your partner has done; come on, they’re all annoying from time-to-time. Or you have a sudden spur of the moment idea to buy a house abroad and move there, you need to be able to get that idea out into the real world.
You can’t be changing certain parts of it. What would be the point in writing yourself a journal if you are intentionally leaving parts out? Whatever comes into your head goes onto that paper. It just helps you to realize that there is something you can do about it, or you can leave it and carry on writing about it until you finally decide to change it! Forgetting things is a little different, because if it was a genuine ‘forgetful moment’ then it clearly wasn’t important enough for you to include it in your journal – or if it was, make a note and include it tomorrow.

It is as simple as that. Write what’s in your head in the morning, gain the productivity and happiness you have been searching for.

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