Cleaning Products Haul | Mrs Hinch Inspired

Hi there!

If you don’t know who Mrs Hinch is you are missing out! I am 100% obsessed.
She is the ‘Instagram Cleaning Sensation’. The day after I stumbled across her Instagram page (Which is linked here) I went to my local Home Bargains to pick up some cleaning products. So, this whole haul is completely inspired by Mrs Hinch.


Oven Brite Cleaning Kit – This comes with the actual cleaning product, bags for the oven trays, gloves and


Dishmatic – You put your washing liquid in the handle, so it comes out onto the sponge straight away! How convenient is that?


Spray Bottle – I got two of these for the sole purpose of diluting Zoflora into them so I can use them as a Febreeze type spray.


Super Cloth – Literally just a packet of different coloured cloths, suitable for the whole house. A colour per room!


Toilet 5-in-1 Block – My old one has run out, so I thought I would try this one because the scent lasts for ages – according to Mrs Hinch.


Zoflora Lavender + Country Garden. I picked up two of these because you can never have too much Zoflora in your home.


Oust Kettle Descaler – My kettle is pretty disgusting at the moment, I use it every single day and I haven’t cleaned it in the whole year I have owned it. I did try a hack I saw, which just did NOT work! (I’ll do a whole post on that another time – so keep an eye out for that).


Bloo Toilet Foam – I used to love using this. For some reason when I ran out I didn’t purchase another. Finally, I have another.


Mr Muscle Oven Spray – Once I have used the kit I mentioned previously, I am going to keep up with the general cleanliness of my oven with this spray.


Cif Cream Bleach – I can not stand the smell of liquid bleach, so I am hoping this is going to be a little better. Plus, it is meant to be easier than usual bleach to use – just squirt some on the surface, leave for a few minutes then wipe away.


Dettol Surface Wipes – These are just a staple that is easy to get out and wipe. With a newborn baby, I am sure these are going to come in handy.


Spray Mop – How exciting does this look. It’s going to be much easier for me to use than my steam mop. No plugging it in and waiting for it to be ready. Plus, the product can go right into the mop itself.


Spray Squeegee – Another one I am excited for. The squeegee itself has a bottle to put the products right in, so no need for another bottle of spray.


Cleaning Caddy – I partly got this for the actual caddy, but it had products inside too. The Squeegee was the main reason, I have seen Mrs Hinch use it on her carpets. The cloths and gloves will come in handy as well, not to mention the duster – something I haven’t owned up till now.

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