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Colour correction is something that has been in the beauty world for only a short while, yet it felt like forever for me to understand it. Looking back on it now though, I don’t understand what took me so long to understand it. It’s a really simple concept, that has helped my skin out so much!

The product I am going to use for the purpose of this post is the MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette. Not because it costs just £4 from Superdrug (purchase it here) but it is actually my favourite product to use for colour correcting. It has the 4 colours I need, as well as a skin coloured tone to cover the colours.

The first thing you need to know about colour correcting is the colour wheel. Get yourself accustomed to the colour wheel before you do anything. You know? The 6 colour wheel you looked at back when you were probably about 7 years old.
If you know this you are half-way there already.

Basically, think opposites.
You want to think about cancelling the colour out to create the natural skin tone. So by using opposite colours it is neutralizing. Making the centre colour; your skin colour.

When you have redness on your skin you are going to want to use green to conceal it.
When you have blue you will want to cover it with an orange colour.
If purple is a colour you struggle with, you guess it, you would use a yellow based colour to conceal it.

I don’t struggle with any yellow tones on my skin, so I like to use the purple to highlight some of my features – but that is for a whole other post!

This is what it looks like when I have all 4 colours on my face. I like to do the colour correcting before foundation because it makes it look a lot more natural. Adding the foundation then the concealer on top, making the skin look naturally one shade.

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