Face Mask Collection

Hi there!

One way I like to pamper myself is with a face mask; Much like many of us really! I try not to do them on a regular basis though. One reason is that it feels like a lot of effort for me. Also, I like to keep them for when I do feel really low, in need of a pick-me-up. If I overuse them it will start to feel like a regular thing for me, not to pamper myself. Anyone else with me on that?

superdrug dead sea purifying clay

superdrug charcoal peel off

superdrug tropical peel off

superdrug chocolate orange self-heating

7th heaven charcoal strips

7th heaven dead sea mud

ps… deep cleansing blueberry bubble

sanctuary spa thermal detox

t-zone charcoals & bamboo nose pore strips
newton labs charcoal nose pore strip
superdrug deep conditioning hair treatment

7th heaven argan oil rescue

Aussie 3-minute miracle reconstruction

John Frieda frizz-ease miraculous recovery

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