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Watching YouTube is something I used to spend my whole day doing! Getting back into my old favourite YouTubers has been so much fun for me! Previously, I would have music on in the background while I was doing something. Now? I have YouTube on! I thought it would be a fun post to share with you the people I love to watch.


Adelaine Morin

‘The happiest place on the internet’ – She is not wrong! Her favourite colour is yellow. As you can imagine, there is a lot of it popping up everywhere. She is the happiest, bubbliest person I have ever seen a video of. Everything she does, she makes look fun!


Amanda Rach Lee

The Bullet Journal queen! If I am ever running low in inspiration for my journal, this is the channel I turn to. Every month, without fail, she has a new Plan With Me video – giving so many people inspiration for their own theme. Not only that but she has more than 2 videos a month, with other things; ASMR, Organising, Pen Swatches etc…


Carmi MUA

I love Makeup Revolution as a brand. So, the only videos I watch of his are those ones, if I am completely honest. He does a lot with the brand so there is always a lot of the videos to watch. The main reason for this subscription is just to see a different opinion on their products. He does create some pretty amazing makeup looks aswell.


Danielle Mansutti

Dani is one of my old-time YouTubers, I mean, I have been subscribed to her channel for a long time now. I really like that you can see the transformation she has gone through. She has experienced a variety of mental health problems over the years, come out the other side a much happier and more confident person. I love how she is not afraid to share her difficulties with her followers. There is so much stigma around sharing mental health problems online, but she is banishing them herself by talking openly about how she feels. Even on bad days, she shares them. She is such an inspiration to me.

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The weirdest thing just happened. I posted a story asking if anyone feels “off”. I decided to cancel my evening plans and recharge. Sitting in my hot bath, I checked YouTube for something to watch whilst soaking – and bizarrely, two of my favourite creators (@nikkiblackketter & @_gemmalouisemiles) both uploaded videos about how they feel disconnected, depressed, and unusual. Both videos were the same in their rawness, vulnerability and depth. It’s an inevitable sign – I just asked the world if they feel this way, and the world responded immediately. However, I’m not here to dwell, I’m here to shift your mindset. – Most of you know, I’ve battled with depression throughout my life. I recognise it instantly in others, I pick up energies from strangers every day, I tune into people’s depths and I can immediately identify when someone is struggling. I genuinely feel that my purpose on this earth is to heal. I’ve been put on this planet to help other people, to teach those how to use their own internal toolbox, to spread love and to spread good energy anywhere that I can. So, with that in mind, I’ve got something to tell you today. If you’re feeling depressed, feeling off, feeling lonely – this is the time where you need to give yourself a break. You are the MOST important thing in your experience. Nothing and no one else. You come first. Your life is this magnificent, bizarre, unbelievable thing that was given to you for a purpose. You may have a talent, you may be extremely smart, you may be a people person and a good friend, or you may be a healer like myself. You, being alive, being here – right now – is so god damn important. YOU are so important. You are an incredible, fascinating, beautiful person who is here for a reason. Even if you can’t understand your purpose yet – you will. It takes time. Don’t for a single second settle for other people’s ideas of what your life “should” look like. Nah, I need you to do whatever the hell makes you feel the most alive, makes you feel the most “you” and 🖕🏼 everything else. You’re so bloody fantastic. Don’t you ever forget it for a second. Let your soul rest, let your mind recharge, and you will rise again. ❤️ D x

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Emily Canham

I feel like Emily doesn’t really have a niche, so say. She just creates some really random videos. If I was a few years younger she would have been the perfect role model for me. I would look up to her so much, saying that, I still do now and she isn’t even that much older than me! A lot of her videos are aimed at a  younger audience, I feel. She manages to incorporate just the right amount of beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyle videos into her channel.

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Finally filmed the video you guys have all been waiting for! I sat down with my Mom and talked contraception, vaginas, discharge, periods and so much more! We teamed up with @always_uk_ireland to do some mythbusting about what’s normal, so you can better understand your own body. If you want to find out more about the Always Dailies Singles to Go Liners that we chat about in the video you can shop them via the @Superdrug link in my bio. They’re dermatologically tested, super thin and individually wrapped, which is why I like to pop them in my bag when I’m travelling around. I’d love to do another of these videos so send me through your questions if you have them (all anonymous!!). #AD #AlwaysDailies ☺️⚡️🥰

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James Charles

I absolutely love him! Everything about his channel I love. He is such a cheeky, happy person. Every single video I watch of his makes me laugh, multiple times. I feel like he has had a lot of negativity in his life but he does not let it get too him. He is such an inspiration to men, and women, all over the world. All for good reason. His makeup skills are out of this world! The way he can complete an eyeshadow look, making it look flawless, I just don’t understand it. Also, can we just take a moment to admire the makeup palette he has in collaboration with Morphe?!

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swipe to see a sister smile 🥰

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Kathleen Lights

Something about Kathleen’s personality I just can’t get enough of! She is such an honest and genuine person. I love everything she does. Her makeup skills are amazing! It’s a shame she doesn’t believe it as much as her subscribers. My favourite videos of hers though are her ‘story time’ ones. The way she tells a story is phenomenal. It really grips me, making me feel like I was actually there! Every single one of them makes me laugh so hard.


Nikki Tutorials

This woman is a cult classic. Who is obsessed with makeup and hasn’t heard of Nikki?! I have never seen makeup skills anything like this before. Not only is she amazing at makeup but she is hilarious. Her videos are always so much fun to watch. I also feel like she is such a genuine and honest person. All of her videos have her own, honest, opinion of the products she is testing.



Rachh Loves

Another channel that uses a lot of drugstore makeup, making it much more relatable for me. Although Rach doesn’t tend to do many colourful looks, she sticks to the nudes a lot more than most of these YouTubers, I still love all of them. I always managed to pull some inspiration from her videos. It’s not just makeup she creates content about. There is also skincare and some funny videos thrown into the mix.



Soph Does Nails

There is nothing I have that is bad to say about Soph. First of all, she has an amazing line of products with such an affordable brand of makeup (also one of my favourite brands!). The majority of her content uses affordable products, making it so much more relatable to me personally. Another completely honest YouTuber! If she doesn’t like something she is not afraid to tell her followers. All of her videos are a lot more fun than just sitting down and doing makeup, don’t get me wrong, that’s what they are for. I just feel she adds her own spin to them all, making them so much more enjoyable to watch.


Sophie Louise

Sophie is someone I accidentally stumbled across just 2 months ago (I think it was the video with her cat that grabbed my attention!). I am in love with her. She is such a down to earth girl. Naturally so beautiful, so her sticking to them ore natural makeup looks I think suits her so well. She manages to make all of her videos a bit different and more fun; Who else do you know allows their cat to choose their makeup!?


Stephanie Toms

I feel Stephanie is the most real person I have stumbled across on YouTube. A lot of the things she does doesn’t necessarily come out the best, in the end, but she works with it anyhow. Every single one of her videos I have watched she puts her all into. No video is ever taken too seriously though, she manages to have a laugh in them all.

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Tammi Clarke

The main reason I follow Tammi is, again, because of her opinions on the brand Revolution. She does a lot of work with them, so I like to see someone else’s thoughts on their products. Also, her colourful makeup looks are just amazing. I love how creative she gets with them all. Actually, I don’t think I have ever seen her do a natural look on her channel? I manage to get so much inspiration from her looks, I don’t know how she does it!



Who are your favourite YouTube influencers to watch?

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