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Hi there!

Another month of 2019 down already. You and I both know February came and went much quicker than January did – Wasn’t that the longest month? The end of the month calls for a monthly update from me! This is the second in the series (Yes, we are calling it a series!) If you didn’t catch Januarys, you can see that one here!

In case you missed it

Music; I have been OBSESSING over Jess Glynne – Thursday. How much more #girlpower can you get? Not only that, but Dua Lipa – Swan Song came out this month, which I am a massive fan of.

Scent; I have recently got my Nicki Minaj Minajesty perfume back out. I forgot how much I loved this when I got it. The whole of Nicki’s collection is amazing, I love every single one of the perfumes in it. Currently, though, this is my favourite.


Food; Aero Mint. I can not get enough. Only of the big bars though, the smaller ones? They taste different, so I don’t like to eat them. Plus, they just aren’t enough, just one smaller bar or a larger one? The larger one wins every time.

TV; I watched the documentary Abducted: In Plain Sight this month. This was a massive hit for me. I am a fan of documentaries like this, it had me hooked from the first minute. (PS If you have any recommendations for programmes like this I would love to hear them!)

Beauty Product; Blush. Something I never, in a million years, thought I would put in my favourites. Yet, here we are. Every time I have applied my makeup this month I have applied blusher – I used to skip that step out. Something about adding a little flush of colour onto my cheeks, I feel, really finishes off the look. I apply a tiny amount, probably nothing even noticeable to anyone but myself. Rest assured, it is there.


Drink; Lemonade. I can’t stop drinking it! I love the stuff, it has to be the cheaper ones though. 7UP and Shweppes just don’t do it for me, they must have a little more acid-like substances in them because they just burn my throat.

Activity; Cleaning. If I am not sleeping I am cleaning.


Journal Page; I haven’t been into my journal much this month. So, because of that, I don’t have a specific page I love. The whole Pizza theme though, I am in love with. This has by far been my favourite theme I drew since I started bullet journaling. I just think it is so colourful and fun, why I didn’t use my journal much I will never know!



Did I Achieve The Goals?
  • 2 Posts a Week Schedule:
  • 2 MOTD posts:
  • Use More of my own Photos:

I was going to write a little about all three of these, but let’s face it. None of them have been achieved this month. February has been spent mostly sleeping. Coming to the end of my pregnancy (I still have 6 weeks left) I have been so tired. With the fact I was still working for the most part of the month, the sleepless nights; The toilet and sofa have been my new best friends. I have been getting as much sleep as I can in the day, why is it easier to sleep in the day than it is at night?!
The little energy I have had I have been using to clean my flat, I have an extremely unnecessary urge to clean EVERYTHING. I mean; Empty all my cupboards, wash all of my already clean clothes, steam the floors every day, wipe over all of my light switches. I’m not really sure what has come over me, people say it’s ‘nesting’ I am calling it excessive.
I have managed to actually apply makeup, just haven’t had the chance to post them onto my blog – they are on my Instagram if you wanted to go check them out! I am hoping to post the product details on my blog at some point during March.

March Goals
  • Start taking more photos: By this I mean, I used to take photos of everything. I then all of a sudden just stopped. I would like to take more photos of things, sharing the journey I am going on with you all. Plus, it gives me a lot more inspiration for blog posts; Stuck on what to write? Look through your camera photos, there is normally something there to spark my writing.
  • Put more baby updates: This is my first pregnancy. I have so many posts in my drafts, just sat there not being posted because I am worried. I don’t have a clue what I am doing through this life-changing time, so I don’t want to post them in case I post something that is incorrect. Something I need to keep in mind though is that every single pregnancy is different. I have read loads of posts that haven’t helped me in any way, but some of them have understood my pregnancy completely. So even if it helps just one person, it makes it worth it.
  • Motivate me: I lack motivation at the moment, whether it is because I a tired or just lack inspiration I don’t know. But this month, I am going to find what is stopping me and bust it out of the way. I love blogging; My old blog shows that and starting new has been a little harder than I expected but here we are. So, why not take it all the way? I will start finding the motivation and energy to make this blog better than my previous one (I know I shouldn’t compare but I just can’t help it, I forget that my old one took almost 2 years of building up, I am only a few months in).
Baby Updates

I had just the one midwife appointment this month. It was a complete routine one, nothing interesting really happened. They told me he is now head down, which I thought anyway. Thanks to the kicking in the ribs and lungs, along with the uncomfortable feeling much further down; Almost at the pelvic bone.

I believe my Braxton-Hicks are starting to come. Starting at my 33rd week of pregnancy. It has been a bit of a worry for me if I’m honest. I didn’t really know what they were until I had to do some research because of the pain I was getting. Now, I realise it is just my body getting ready for the delivery of the baby. Fake contractions almost.

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