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‘Plan with me’ posts are one of my favourites too read, seeing how other people like to set up their pages. Forever giving me inspiration for my journal!
Typically, I have seen a lot of Valentine’s Day themed spreads this month. Personally, I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. I just feel it is an unnecessary holiday. So, another holiday in the month is National Pizza Day! This is the holiday I have chosen for my theme this month. I think actually, this is my favourite spread that I have ever done!

I like to start the month off with a simple page, with a doodle and the name of the month. This month I have chosen the colour yellow and paired it with a dark red (almost burgundy colour) – in honour of my favourite food of course! I even used my new pens, and blended them together! This is the first time I have ever done this. Can I just say now, I love this look! I was a little worried that there was going to be too much of one colour, but I love the way it naturally goes between the two.
In the right-hand corner of the page is my little pusheen sticker – I choose one sticker every month! I chose the dribbling one because whose mouth doesn’t water at the thought of pizza?!

On the opposing page, I drew out a simple calendar. I used just my personal colour coding system to draw a line on the days with events. This, at a glance, gives me an indication as to when my next appointment is and how busy my month is looking.

This month, I want to get into my Bullet Journal much more than previously. I want to doodle/write much more! So, I have included a few challenges for the month. Whether they all get completed is a different story – but I have all good intentions. I mean, it is the first of the month!
The first of these is the #mydoodlenine I have been seeing on Instagram recently. The idea of this is to create your own doodle in the middle of the nine squares. You then take a look at the hashtag on Instagram and get inspiration from 8 other people. You write in their Instagram handles, for recognition, share the page once it is complete. I thinking of doing this, not only for more doodling but I will have a few theme ideas also!

The second challenge? This is more for my lettering. I would really like to practise this much more than I do now. What better way to try and do this than with a monthly challenge? The particular one I have chosen has 9 prompts that you can complete throughout the month. I figured daily, personally, is too much for me! But every three days is something I think I could handle.
Here is the hashtag if you would like to have a look at some of the designs yourself – get yourself inspired!

As I did last month I am going to take part in a monthly journalling challenge. This is not the Boho Berry one I tried last month. See why here! This month, I have taken one from Pinterest. Again, as the lettering challenge, the theme of this is Self Love. I didn’t even mean to link the two together, that just happened naturally! This particular one did actually have 30 prompts, but I removed two of them to finish it at the end of the month, plus those two I just didn’t think I would enjoy at all.

This is my favourite page of the month! My Habit Tracker. Normally, I have so many different things I am trying to complete over the course of the month. This month I chose just 4 (This was the amount of pizza’s that I could fit onto the page!) I am actually glad about this though. Fingers crossed I will actually complete all 4 of them every day! A little more self-love? Possibly!

  • Blog. I am not planning to post every single day, but whether I promote a post on Instagram. Draft a post or even just comment on other people’s pages. I want to be involved within the blogging community every single day.
  • Read. I love reading! Now, I am working much less I have the time to sit down and read a little. I am also hoping reading, even just one chapter, before bed will help me to relax and sleep better! Because being almost 7 months pregnant sleep and I are not the best of friends at the moment. I might even be able to cross some of my To-Read books off my list!
  • Clean. This is just the little things around the house that I put off, especially when I am having a bad day!
  • Hydrate. I have never been any good at this – take a look here. I want to try at least 500ml of water a day. That doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but it’s more than what I am drinking now!

The next page is pretty boring, just another expense tracker. I tried the blending technique again though. This time I used the thinner end of the pens. I needed as much page space as possible – I spend a lot! I need to rein in my buying habits, a lot! So, by having to write down everything it makes me think a little more about purchasing. ‘Do I really need ANOTHER bar of chocolate?’ The answer is normally YES, but at least I thought about it before just doing it. Right?

Weekly spreads are next. Now, this month I have made them much bigger – double the size actually. January’s pages were just not working for me anymore. There was not enough room! I like to write down EVERYTHING. From my appointments to days when I want to wash my hair (something I absolutely HATE doing and avoid at all costs!)

I have also put my work schedule into these pages. I am unsure how I feel about this yet, but I am not going to know till I try.
The sticky notes at the bottom of some days? They do have a purpose! The white and silver striped ones are for my Instagram posts – The days I want to post. Of course, if I want to post more then I will. Saturday, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days I will be posting. These sticky notes allow me a little space to plan what content I want to go up (If you haven’t already, make sure you are following me on there!)
The pink ones are then for the days a new post will be going live. Wednesday and Sundays. Again, if I want to post more then I will but these are the days I am scheduling them ready.
Having these stuck into the book is really going to help me with having content go up when I plan it. January, I just kept picking up the stickies and moving them to different days – but I don’t want to keep doing that. So I have actually stuck them in.

The last page of the month is a little progression page for me. Just to see how much my lettering has improved over the course of the month if it does at all. I have a box for every single letter of the alphabet, one for the 1st of the month then the other is for the last day of the month. Let’s see if I can improve it! Even if just a few letters improve a small amount I will be pleased.

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