Fighting Writers Block

Hi there!

I am currently writing this because this is exactly what I am experiencing. I have been at a block for about a week now, but my wall is coming down – very slowly! There are a few things I have found to help, which I would love to share with you! Writer’s block is such a frustrating thing, I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. That is how much I dislike it.

  • Write a list. I know what you”re thinking, I can’t even put two words together let alone compile a whole list! Well, even if it is the most useless list you have ever written, at least you are getting some sort of writing onto paper.
    When your creative juices are flowing is a better time to write a list, whether it is a list of post ideas or just a list of things you need to research. If you have this then when you can feel yourself hitting the wall, you take a look at the list. Hopefully, it will give you the prompt you need in order to get those words out of your brain.
  • ALWAYS write down your ideas. No matter how stupid they may seem at the time, give it 3 days, or even 3 years. They might then, seem relevant to you. Meaning, if there is ever a time you have no idea what to write, you have your ideas somewhere – even if it is in a scrap piece of paper you haven’t looked at since you wrote on it. The ideas are there somewhere, it’s just finding them.
  • Take a break. If you have been writing for a while, or even just turned on your laptop, you may experience a bit of a word block. So take a break, you deserve it. Take a walk, have a snack, do anything that will distract your mind from what you are struggling with. Giving your mind a break will allow you to get back too it with a fresh mindset. Helping you to become a little less stuck.
  • Don’t force it. Forcing yourself to write will just result in something you are not happy with. Sometimes, making it worse for you. Writing something you don’t want to then read it and not be happy with it, then makes you want to write even less. Do don’t force yourself to write, if it’s not happening then it’s not happening. Sometimes, you just need to face it. Come back to it another time.

Please leave the things that help you in the comments below, let’s see if we can all help each other out!

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