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Hi there!

As you may be aware, I recently become a mother. Actually, it was exactly one month ago today!

Now, let me tell you. Its not what I expected, in the slightest. Don’t get my wrong, I knew giving birth and becoming a mother was a hard job, but I don’t think I quite expected it to be just this hard. Not only does it tired you out mentally but it’s also rather physically demanding. Along with the sleep-disturbed nights and having a tiny little human needing you 24 hours a day there comes the change of lifestyle. Since having him there is not one thing that is the same in my life.

  • The washing. For such a tiny little human he creates so much washing for me. I’m sure he has more than me and my partner put together!
  • Sleeping. If you knew anything about me, it’s that I could sleep for about 12 hours a day. Which is proving to be a bit of a struggle now. With him waking up every 4 hours for a feed, whether it’s night or day. My night time sleep has been disturbed every single night. (I actually count myself lucky about this though because I know he could be waking so much more often).
  • My free space. Before I had him there was so much free space in my little flat, now? I have baby equipment – and clothes – stacked everywhere. From his car seat/pushchair to his newly washed clothes.
  • Cleanliness. When I say this I don’t mean my personal hygiene, although that has suffered a little. I mean my was clean flat. I spent a lot of my free time, towards the end of pregnancy, cleaning my flat. Which I now don’t have the time for! I’m lucky if I manage to vacuum the floor, let alone wash the floors or dust.
  • Personal hygiene. Finding the time, during the day, to have a shower is proving more difficult than I previously thought. When my partner is back from work, in the evening, it’s much easier for me, I even have the time to wash my hair (such a novelty to me now).
  • Leaving the house. This used to be a ‘pick up my keys, put my shoes on and leave’. Not so much now. I’ve always got to make sure I have my changing bag stocked up, got his dumnt and blanket, make sure I’ve got my phone and keys. Head down to the car to then get the pushchair out and ready for him to be put in. We can then leave, which takes much longer than I am used too.
  • My Google history. I’m such a sucker for searching the web for things I don’t know the answer too. Which turns out to be the whole of motherhood. I’m searching everything, making sure he is okay, why he is crying or just activies I can do with him.

With all of this comes the joy of having a new baby in the house though. Having that makes all of these things seem so minor, it’s just a bit of a struggle adjusting to my new lifestyle.

Having baby ha also meant that blogging can’t be as regular as it used too be. Not only that but my laptop has broken! I am in the process of trying to fix it, so when I get that fixed I will be posting much more. But for now, my posts will be a bit more sporadic. Basically, when I get the time to write a post I will be.

(P.S I was thinking about giving you all a post about my birthing story. Let me know if that’s something you would like me to do!)

Thanks for reading, jade xo

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