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We all have our holy grail makeup products. The ones that we repurchase as soon as it runs out, or even before – just in case. No matter how many people try to tell us otherwise, we still love and use all the time. Here, are mine.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

If you have not tried this, go out and purchase it right this second. I won’t even mind if you come back to this post! The most hyped drugstore concealer out there. It is perfect for under the eyes as well as the blemishes your skin can create. I think this was actually one of the first concealers I actually ever tried. It’s still going strong now 6 years later.
The only bad thing I can say about this is the shade range. With just 6 too choose from, there is no room for leeway with them. They have added more since I started using it, but even still. I use the lightest one but would love a lighter one to ‘highlight’ the under eyes. But, what can you do?

MUA pro base and conceal colour correction palette

I don’t want to ramble on too much about this because I do actually have a whole post on this product, as well as how to use it; That is linked here
I would like to say though, I have tried many other colour correction creams since this one. Every time though, I find myself going back too it. At a price point of just £4.00, you really can’t go wrong. I use all of the colours in the palette, so I am definitely getting my money’s worth. It was everything I needed when I first got into colour correction. Looks like my needs haven’t changed much!

B. Beauty sponge

I haven’t got one specific sponge for this one, I purchase the 4 piece multi-pack every time I need new ones. I use them all. Each shape has a different love.
The reason I like these sponges so much? The texture of them is amazing, I don’t notice any product being soaked into the sponge itself; Helping me to get my money’s worth on the products I purchase. The first time you wet them they can appear to be a little hard. As soon as you use them they get softer. Once you run the water over them they expand in size, making the perfect size for the whole of your face. The lifetime on these is pretty good as well! I use one for probably about 3/4 months (bearing in mind I don’t wear makeup every day anymore) Even when I did, I was only swapping them every month or so. Of course, I cleaned them in between uses. I didn’t feel the need to clean them after every time. They are actually latex free as well, which is always a bonus!

sleek eyebrow stylist pencil

This is the perfect colour for my brows. I have dark brows and light hair, so trying to find something that works with both have proven to be quite a challenge. Behold, the Sleek eyebrow pencil. The actual nib of this pencil is angled, making it easier to draw life-like hairs on the brow itself. As well as making it easier to fill in the brow as well. With the shape of the nib, you can do both, creating a natural looking brow. I set them using a brow gel, but you don’t even need to with this pencil; One of the very few that I have found. The pencil itself makes the brow hairs stay in place, without the need of a gel, yet doesn’t make them look like you have just coloured them in. We all know what that looks like! The other end of the pencil is a spoolie – which we all know makes life so much easier!

simple kind to skin facial wash

This appears to be one of the very few face washes that do not give me a rash; non-pregnancy skin. It contains no soap, making it perfect for my sensitive skin. The one thing that always amazes me. It still creates bubbles, with no soap. I don’t understand. It doesn’t contain any product to create a scent, yet still has one. Almost like cucumber? The fresh, natural scent. It does a good job at removing the makeup I have on my face. Sinner I know! I always forget to take off my makeup before I get in the shower. This face wash does a good job though at removing it, my eyebrows are always gone by the time I get out.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette

A go-to of mine since I started using makeup; I think this was actually the first eyeshadow palette I ever purchased. It is apparently a dupe for one of the naked palettes – which I can’t confirm because I have never tried. I never felt the need, this one does exactly what I want for a fraction of the price. It has all the right shades to create a natural smokey eye. I love the brown in this palette, it is the perfect shade for a crease colour, no matter what look I am trying to create (I have actually tried to find one just like it as a single shadow, I have had no luck at all. Any recommendations?).
Once applied to the lid they blend, yet stay pigmented. The look you create will then stay all day, the colours will stay in place. Which is what I love, I have slightly hooded eyes – so a lot of the time the lid colour will transfer onto the crease. Not with this palette though.

MUA Lip Primer

Having dry lips is the bane of my life, I can assure you. With this though, it isn’t as much of a problem. Of course, I still scrub my lips and apply lip balm before applying lipstick. It still looks awful though, especially the matte ones! Then, along came this. I feel like it was gifted to me, or came as part of a set. It’s not something I would purchase myself, I know that. With that being said, I love it! It makes my lipstick stay on much longer, for starters. And, it makes the application process so much smoother. As for the dry lips? What dry lips? Yes, they are still dry but they don’t make them look it, which is the main thing.

PS… primer water

I apply this every. single. time. I apply makeup, this goes on. It helps every product I apply to go onto my skin, as well as stay there. It preps my face perfectly. My skin becomes slightly tacky, in order for the makeup to stick to it. The mist that comes out of the sprayer isn’t too much either. I always worry that when I spray my face will be soaking. Nope! There is also no scent too it, which I love.

What are your holy grail makeup products? Jade xo

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