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Hi there!

Welcome to the first instalment of monthly posts: What better time to start these than the first month of the year?!

I’m thinking, it will be posted on the last day of the month, regardless of what day it is. Sometimes, it will fall on my usual days of posting (Wednesday and Sunday) but others it will not. Sometimes, you will be getting 3 posts a week then!
I am going to post some favourites in this post but am also thinking other things too; A round up of posts this month, Baby updates (pregnancy updates at the moment), One blogger I am loving in the month, and anything else that comes to mind along the way.

  • Music; I might be slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I have got my 1Direction playlists back out.
  • Scent; Rhubarb & Custard. I purchased the Superdrug Body Lotion in this scent, I can’t get enough! It smells just like sweets.
  • Food; Marmite. I forgot about it until a customer wanted a cheese & marmite sandwich, now I am hooked.
  • TV; The Netflix series You. I completely binged this series in two sittings. Something about this series gripped me from the first episode – something that rarely happens!

Image result for netflix you

  • Beauty Product; Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Miracle. This feels so luxurious when I apply it. You are meant to apply it when your skin is wet – straight out of the shower. Sometimes I just apply it to my dry skin. I can instantly feel a difference in my skin and it actually stays hydrated! It makes my skin feel amazing.
  • Drink; Banana Milk. This is normally the flavour I would not gravitate towards. Yet at the moment I can’t get enough.
  • Activity; Watching YouTube videos of Bullet Journalling. I like to have them playing in the background a lot of the time now. It gives me so much inspiration for my own!
  • Journal Page; My new pen swatch page. It’s the first one I have ever done. I was a little worried about the way it was going to turn out, but I love it! It’s super helpful when I want to plan some colours.
  • Random; Gel Pens! I got them back out for my January pages, actually forgot how much I love them.
Goals for February
  • Actually, stick to my 2 posts a week schedule. I want to post on Wednesday and Sunday’s every week. I need to get my ass in gear and actually getting photo’s taken and schedule the posts. The words are there, it’s just the photos are not.
  • Post 2 MOTD posts. Which means I will actually have to do my makeup! Using my blog as an excuse to sit down and just let loose with my makeup. I’m looking forward to it already!
  • Use more photos of my own in blog posts. I feel like in all of my previous posts it’s the photos that let me down. Something about photography I suck at, as a result, I try to google photos instead of taking my own. Most photos I take I really dislike and then editing them? I can’t get into it! If you have any tips please let me know! I would love to hear anything that will help.
Baby Updates

Had two midwife appointments this month. The first was informative, I managed to ask all the questions I wanted too, getting all of the right answers. Which was good, there was nothing for me to worry about. I am a natural worrier, what can I say? The first bump measurement was taken in this appointment. Apparently, 1cm for each week is the average growth. Bump measured at 26cm, which works out right.

I had a growth scan at 28 weeks, to ensure he isn’t too big or small – I have always been tiny. I’m 5’2 and weight next to nothing! So to make sure everything is okay I am having three growth scans. The first was at 28 weeks. They told me he is measuring a little larger than the average baby – that scares me! I wanted him to be smaller, makes it easier upon delivery.

The second midwife appointment was pretty smooth sailing. I had a little extra sugar in my system but it’s nothing to worry about. The bump is measuring at the right size – no sudden growth! She told me that he has long legs. Which is exactly what I and my partner have, so there is no surprise there!

I had a bit of a panic day. The midwife advises if you can’t feel the usual amount of movement then you should give the antenatal team a call. Before I start let me tell you, he is a wriggler. He is constantly moving all day, and night for that matter. So, one day when I was working I didn’t notice him moving half as much as I normally do. I know, every single night between 11:30 and 12:00pm he is awake. Forever wriggling around. So, after not feeling him most of the day, I was extra aware at this time of night. He moved constantly throughout that whole 30 minutes. Meaning there was no need for me to call the antenatal team, which was a huge sigh of relief.

Blogger Shoutout

HayleyHughes – She had a revamp on her blog for 2019. The page looks bloody beautiful! As for her content? You can’t just take my word for it, you must go over and see how amazing she is!

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