January Bullet Journal

Hi there!

My December Bullet Journal post is one of my most popular ones, as of yet. Also, it was one of my favourite ones too write; win-win in my eyes! That is why I am back, showing you the pages I have created for my January section.

What would a new year be without a full 2-page spread, telling me what year it is? I wanted to keep this as simple as possible, with just the numbers in the middle; Deciding it looked too plain I added a few colourful dots and lines. Saying that it is actually one of my favourites spreads of my journal so far.



January. The only thing I knew was that I wanted a snowflake. So I went with it. Drawing the snowflake in the centre of the page, working around that with the title, calendar and sticker. This month I actually got out my Gel Pens again, which I am absolutely loving! They are a little annoying because they take so long to dry, but using a clean piece of A4 paper between the pages when working on them stops the smudging massively.



Calendar. This page still has no title. I just don’t feel it is necessary. Just by glancing at the page, I know what it is. Do I really need a title to remind me? Then again, the top of the page looks very empty; Almost unfinished. I didn’t write anything on the daily squares, I stuck to using my colour code. I am trying to get to know it a little better – so by doing this, I am getting more familiar with it every time I look at the page.
On the right-hand side I have mt work schedule; Shift workers, you know! I normally have a whole page for this, but I wanted to keep it a little smaller this month. I think though, I will be having a whole page again next month. It works better for me, to quickly glance at it.



Habit Tracker. This is my second favourite page in the set-up. I used this idea back in July and loved filling it in every day. This is the reason I chose it again. I have really fallen out of love with my habit trackers as of recently. I love the idea of them; Improving your life one small step at a time, creating new healthy habits. Using them? It’s a different story. I haven’t had one for a few months that I actually want to fill in. Leaving the last few days blank just because, honestly, I can’t be bothered with it. Having it set up like this I am hoping I can get myself back into using them.
Plus, I love the way the title turned out! I actually ended up drawing this upside down. Due to the fact, the gel pen section was still wet!



Weekly. My weekly set up is the same as last month. I loved using it. I actually did use it! Most days there is a little too much room for me, but it’s better to have too much than not enough. It gives me just enough room to write out everything that needs doing that day, colour coordinate and write notes. All in one little box – perfect for me! I try to keep the theme of the month going throughout these pages, so I add a line to the right and bottom. In the same colour as I have been using in the previous pages.



Gratitude. I used this a few months back. One way or another, it got lost along the way. I loved using this page though. It’s nice to reflect on the little things each day that made me smile. I am trying to be a little more positive about things at the moment. Which I really feel this page is going to help me with.


What has been your theme this month? Jade xo

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