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As I have previously mentioned, many times, I am getting myself back onto the makeup bandwagon. What better way to do this than to go on a little shopping spree. Treating myself to new makeup and to get some inspiration?!

So, I took myself down to my local shopping centre to get myself some new products. Here are the things I picked up.




Liquid Eyeliner – Space Grey 2. I love black eyeliner as much as the next person, but I feel it can be a little too harsh sometimes. Especially when I am trying just a more subtle eye look, which is why I think I am going to get a lot of use out of this.




Nail Polish Top Coat. My all-time favourite top coat is from Poundland, it’s the one that changes any polish into a matte finish. Because I love that one so much I thought I would pick up just a normal topcoat, for £1 you can’t really go wrong.








Revolution Pore Blur Primer. I need to find a new primer that I like and when browsing the revolution stand this one really stood out too me.




Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation – Shade F1I have wanted to try this foundation since I seen it released. I just never managed to get my hands on the actual thing, now I have it I am super excited to try it!




Revolution Supersize Conceal & Define Concealer – Shade C0.5. If you haven’t already worked out, I am on the paler side if life! Trying to find a concealer that ‘brightens’ my undereye area has proved to be, let’s say testing. I am hoping this is one that will do the trick.




Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – SophXAnother product I have wanted for the longest time. Sadly, just after it came out was when I decided to take my hiatus from the internet, pulling away from makeup too. I never got my hands on it, till Monday! How are all of these shades?!



I <3 Revolution Eyeshadow Palette – Cranberries and ChocolateI am all over this palette. I can not contain the excitement I have of these shades. Just, let’s all take a moment to just look at them all.



Barry M Nail Polish – Under The Sea Seahorse. Now, as I am on Maternity I am painting my nails much more – it takes an hour out of my day! At this point, I am willing to do almost anything to make the days go quicker. So, I wanted to get another polish to add to my collection. This colour is just beautiful, in the bottle. I am really looking forward too seeing how it transfers onto the nail.




Revolution Renaissance Flick Eye Liner – BlackGoing against everything I said for the first product on this haul. But, my current black eyeliner is, to say the least, dried up a little. I have been in desperate need for a new one since the end of time, it’s just something I didn’t want to delve into again. I feel like now is a perfect time though. With all of my creative juices flowing what better time to try and do some black winged liner again?!




I <3 Revolution Multi-Liner Pen – NudesThis product is just pure genius! 4 different lip liners all in one product? Yes Please! I have expressed on here before how Lip Liner is not my favourite thing in the world, but having 4 in this cool design of a pen. I think I might be onto this Lip Liner thing you know! It has actually made me want to open it and use them!




Revolution Pro EyeBrow Pencil – Soft BrownThe main reason I actually wanted to go shopping was to get myself something for my brows. My pomade had completely dried up, I mean there was no going back from that one. My pencil is on its last legs, so I was in desperate need of something. This pencil, I am hoping I am going to love as much as my previous one. I got the ‘Microblading Effect’ one because, well, it’s one I see many people using so I thought it would be a good one.








Primer Water. I consider this one of my holy grail products now, after having gone through 2 bottles. I haven’t even finished my third yet have already purchased another.




My Perfect Colour liquid Concealer – Beige. I purposely got this a little darker because I wanted one that looks natural on the face. I was going to use it for slightly bronzing (You know when you see people using 3 different foundation /concealer colours on their face to make their face shape more defined, naturally?) Yeah, that’s the look I wanted with this.




My Perfect Colour Velvet Finish Foundation – Porcelain. I love the other foundation I have from this range, but I feel some days I just need a little more extra coverage which I feel this is going to give me.




Contour And Sculpt Stick – White. I picked this up because I really like the idea of having a contour and highlighting product all in one. It’s not something I currently own, so would like to see how much I actually use it and whether I like to have it all in one. (I can’t work out where the darker colour is, I am starting to think there isn’t one?! Someone help me out!)




False Lash Effect Mascara – BlackThis is another thing in my collection that I believe needs replacing. My current mascara has probably been open for over a year, gross yes I know! Almost half of that time I wasn’t using it, so I didn’t feel ready to just throw it away with not much use from it. Luckily though, I got myself a new one, so I am looking forward to seeing how this looks on the lashes.




Face and Eye Palette – FearlessThe shimmer shades in this palette actually completely sold it to me. Not only that, but its use is for the face as well. An all in one palette? Yes Please! Although I think I would prefer to use these all as eyeshadows, the ‘bronzer’ looks like a lovely crease colour. But, we will see how it transfers onto the eye.



Pencil Eyeliner – White & Nude. You know when you complete an eye look and you just feel like something is missing? This is how I feel most of the time if I am honest. Something tells me that if I start to put a little nude liner on the bottom waterline then this is going to complete the look – how true this is I don’t know but bear with me guys! We will work out what is missing together.




Velvet Whip Lip Creme – BlushDoesn’t this look like the perfect nude/pink lip colour? I just felt the need to pick this up and try it. The colour looks amazing, especially for this time of year. It has a Semi-Matte finish which is something I don’t have currently, or ever before I don’t think. It’s either gloss or matte so something in the middle will be quite nice.




3-in-1 Brow Pencil and Powder – BrownAnother convenience product for me. I love the look a powder gives my brows, but sometimes I just need that little extra something. Now, I have the convenience of the pencil and the powder in one product! Let’s see how this one goes. (It even has a brush! This is an all-around win in my eyes)




Eyeshadow Palette – Dark WonderLet’s all take another moment to appreciate the beauty in this palette. The second I opened this in the shop I knew, I had to have it. The colours are beautiful. I am super excited to get these shades onto my lids. Also, is there the perfect crease shade for me in this palette? It is looking promising!


Body Care




Technic Gel Eyeliner – Black. Like I said previously, I am in need of a new liner. I remember having a gel eyeliner and really enjoying it, which is why I picked up this one. The packaging claims to be waterproof as well, with the summer coming up I think I will be getting a lot of use out of this one!




Technic Highlights – (There is no shade on here?!)I instantly thought of the Benefit highlighter when I saw this, which is why I wanted to try it. I know loads of people who love the Benefit one (Personally, I have never tried it) so I would love to know if this is a cheaper alternative to that. Plus, who could walk past this and not pick it up, it’s beautiful.




Technic Chunky Lip Pencil – NudeI thought this would be perfect for me to just throw into my bag, add a lip gloss onto the top and you’re good to go. This might be another one of those convenient products I keep talking about (Has any of you tried to sit down for an hour with a newborn?)




Technic Brow Gel – MediumNot going to lie, I thought this was one of those that you put onto your brows leave for a little and then peel off. Which, I think is actually wrong. But, I am in need of a new brow gel anyway. Mine, which used to be clear, I think has lived a little too long in my collection. Time for a new one.




Sunkissed Easy Brow Pencil – Fair-MediumIt’s just another brow pencil. But, I needed them and I want to find one that I absolutely love.




Body Collection Highlight Foundation. I thought this would be a nice product to use a light coverage foundation in the summer or to mix with other foundations to give me a glowy look. I just want to get my ‘glow’ back so I am hoping this is going to help.




Body Collection Lip Liner. Considering it is my most unfavourable part of doing my makeup I seem to have picked up a few! I think it’s because I don’t have any nude ones; That’s right, not even 1. At the moment, I am really loving the nude lip look. So, why not?!


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