March 2019

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This has been another long month for me. Not being at work has hit me harder than I had originally thought. Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home, but all day every day? It can get a little too much. With everyone else working their normal hours it has made the days and weeks feel a lot longer than usual. But, we are finally here! The last day of March. April is going to be a hectic one for me, the baby will no doubt be here by the end of the month, giving me something to fill my daily hours!



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I haven’t really been into music as much this month. I have just had the Radio on, Heart FM if you’re wondering because I am trying to find some new music to listen too. Do you ever feel like you get stuck with listening to the same music all the time? I am currently like that now, so I am trying to branch out a little. There is nothing new that I have discovered that I am in love with, sadly.




Wickford & Co Rhubarb and Pear. I can not get enough of this. I now have the candle, wax melts and the car scents. It is super sweet, but not so much that it gets sickly. Fruity, but again not too much. Every single time I, or anyone else, gets in my car they tell me how nice it smells; Which it does! I haven’t actually lit the candle yet because I have the wax melts. I much prefer the wax melts at the moment, purely because if I fall asleep I can rest knowing the little tealight will put itself out.



Raspberry Jam. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Put it onto some, just slightly toasted, toast. I have been having it every single day for lunch; Even for breakfast some days.




ITV drama Cheat. If you haven’t seen it get onto the hub right now; I will even leave the link to the programme here.

The series opens with two women in a prison visiting room – Leah and Rose, seemingly blaming each other for their circumstances. Over the course of the series we will find out who is visiting who and the reason that one of them is in prison.’ – ITV

Image result for cheat itv



I have started watching YouTube more and more recently. Getting myself back into the blogging/beauty/makeup mood. I have really enjoyed catching up on all of the channels I was previously subscribed too but have also found quite a few new ones to be watching.

My favourite for this month though is Stephanie TomsI feel like her personality really shines through in every single one of her videos. There is not one video of hers that I have watched without laughing. She is not only hilarious but super honest. If she doesn’t like something, she will tell you. Something I really like in YouTubers. I think it can be so easy for people to listen to everything a Youtuber says when a lot of them are not as honest as they could be.



Beauty Product;

I Heart Revolution Cranberries and Chocolate Palette. So, when I picked this up I knew I was going to like it. Just not as much as I do. I have wanted it since I saw it released around Christmas time (I think that’s when I saw it, maybe that’s not the release time). When I first opened it I was instantly hit with a scent of almost hazelnut/chocolate. It was a surprise to me, I was not expecting that. The colour selection is just perfect, maybe not for this time of year, but I will be using it none-the-less. As always with Revolution products, the pigmentation of the eye shadows is perfect. The shimmer and matte shades, with just one swipe, have the product right where you wanted it. Not only that, but they blend like a dream. I have nothing bad to say about this palette, I am completely in love.



Fanta Fruit Twist. If this drink doesn’t put you in the mood for summer then I don’t know what will. I am in LOVE with this at the moment. Putting it into one of my plastic cups, with a straw, and drinking it like it’s running out.




As I previously said, I have been watching YouTube loads. This is probably how I have spent most of my month. Led on the sofa with YouTube playing on my iPad.



Journal Page;

My Zoflora page is probably my most favourite this month. I just love how simple yet effective it is. When I have the urge to clean but don’t really know what to do, I flip to this page.


Did I Achieve The Goals?
  • Start taking more photos: By this I mean, I used to take photos of everything. I then all of a sudden just stopped. I would like to take more photos of things, sharing the journey I am going on with you all. Plus, it gives me a lot more inspiration for blog posts; Stuck on what to write? Look through your camera photos, there is normally something there to spark my writing.

If my partner taking pictures then sending them too me counts, then I have definitely achieved this! When I am out I try not to go on my phone as much, meaning I forget to take a lot of photos. I have been taking more for my blog though! Most of my posts have got my own pictures in, something I tried not to do before. There is always things I would like to change when I am taking/editing photos, I am never fully happy with them. So I used to avoid posting them. The only way I am going to improve it to do it though, I know!

  • Put more baby updates: This is my first pregnancy. I have so many posts in my drafts, just sat there not being posted because I am worried. I don’t have a clue what I am doing through this life-changing time, so I don’t want to post them in case I post something that is incorrect. Something I need to keep in mind though is that every single pregnancy is different. I have read loads of posts that haven’t helped me in any way, but some of them have understood my pregnancy completely. So even if it helps just one person, it makes it worth it.

I mean, I have posted something baby related this month! Even with just one post, it is more than I did the month before. I would like to say I have achieved this.

  • Motivate me: I lack motivation at the moment, whether it is because I a tired or just lack inspiration I don’t know. But this month, I am going to find what is stopping me and bust it out of the way. I love blogging; My old blog shows that and starting new has been a little harder than I expected but here we are. So, why not take it all the way? I will start finding the motivation and energy to make this blog better than my previous one (I know I shouldn’t compare but I just can’t help it, I forget that my old one took almost 2 years of building up, I am only a few months in).

I have been thinking about blogging much more than in previous months. Surprisingly, I have been getting my laptop out more than previously. I have also actually kept to a blogging schedule! Which, I am so proud of. I have posted twice a week, with an extra post some weeks!



April Goals
  • Keep up with 2 posts a week. I have really enjoyed the little bit of pressure I have put on myself to get a new post up twice a week. It gives me a little goal to aim for, so I think I am going to try and keep this schedule up. I know, I will need to schedule them a lot more in advance because I don’t know what is going to happen with baby – he will be here within the month! I’m just playing ‘The Waiting Game’ now, which is no fun! But blogging and getting posts scheduled will help with this.
  • Comment on more posts. This used to be one of my most favourite things to do. Connecting with other bloggers is such a massive part of the blogging community, we all know there is a lot of us out there! Reading other peoples blogs not only sparks my inspiration but it so nice to see other people doing what they are passionate about. I love to see how other people view things. It’s something I used to take part in all the time, I just haven’t been doing it much recently. I will be doing it more. (Leave your blog links below or even your favourite bloggers! I will make sure to check them all out)

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