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The beginning of March is here, finally! I have been looking forward to this month for more than one reason. The main one being my birthday of course!
If you seen my February Plan With Me you will know I went all out with the theme; It being Pizza’s. Sadly though, I hardly used my journal all month. The motivation and inspiration to pick it up just wasn’t there. Personally, I think I tried to add too many things into the month, making is more of a chore to sit down and write in it. So, for this month I have gone back to basics, choosing a much more minimalist theme. Using just my black pens, with no colour at all.

I wanted to do the most simple page for the start of March. Drawing just a simple block letter ‘M’ with the word March going across the front of it. A little calendar is at the bottom of the page. This makes it so easy to quickly glance to see what is going on for me throughout the month. I like to use my colour coding system to highlight the numbers on the calendar, making it easy for me during the month, to see what’s happening.
The little cat post-it in the corner has taken over my Pusheen for the month. I just couldn’t help myself, I found the cutest little post-it set in Home Bargains for just 39p, who can resist? So, instead of my Pusheen this month, I wanted to change it up a little – it’s too cute no too!



Instead of numbers for my habit tracker, I wanted something a little different. Which, I decided would be circles. Do you know how much easier it was to draw out 31 little circles instead of writing 31 numbers? I chose just 6 habits for the month. Any more and I think it would be too much. These are things that I am really going to try and complete every single day, only little things. It’s better than trying to do too many and not completing any of them.



My next pages are extremely boring and simple, just the way I wanted it to be this month! I stripped it right back for my weekly pages. I chose to just write the day and put the number next too it. There is no borders or anything to separate them. Why? I just wanted to do something a little different. If I’m honest I didn’t think I was going to like the look of it, turns out, I love it. It gives me much more space to write and doodle and do the things I want to in my weeklies.



The last page of the month I have called ‘ A Smile A Day’. It’s basically a gratitude log just with a different name. The aim of this page is to write one little thing that has happened to me, every single day, that has made me smile. This is a nice page to look back on to see the little things that mean something. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something tiny like ‘watched a funny video online’ that’s it. Just a little reminder that not all things are bad, there are good moments in every day, you just need to look for them.



That’s it for this month. I want to get back into using my Bullet Journal as an actual journal a bit more. So, instead of having all the of the different writing prompts for me to use every day, I wanted to be able to just sit down and write in there. With no aim or prompt telling me what to write. This will then help me to get everything from my mind onto the paper. When I was doing the morning pages back in December (I have a whole post on Morning Pages if you are unsure what they are, just click here for that) it really helped me. Not only to get out how I was feeling but to remove the negativity in the mornings it helped me to be so much more productive. Which is why I want to start doing them again, not necessarily in the mornings but at some point during the day.


I haven’t incorporated a mood tracker into this month. Purely because my hormones are all over the place at the moment, so I don’t want to be tracking that if I am completely honest.
As for the lettering challenges I have been doing over the past 2 months. I think I am going to skip on that as well this month. Just focus on my journalling and blogging. I am sure I won’t be able to just stop all together because I do enjoy it. I’m just going to allow myself some time to practice, so what comes to mind when I sit down to letter. Instead of having challenges that I feel pressure to complete.

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