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When I first knew I was pregnant I was almost adamant I wouldn’t need to purchase any maternity clothes. Still thinking I would be able to fit into my old clothes – Size 6 and 8! I didn’t want to let myself get any bigger than those. (Before pregnancy, I would buy clothes slightly smaller so I had a goal to fit into them. Weird, I know!) So, learning that my body was going to change really hit me, hard!


Not only that, but I didn’t even know where to start looking for maternity clothing. I had never needed to look before, so I just brushed past them as if they were nothing. My first piece of maternity clothing was given to me as a gift from my mother – she said it was a Christmas present, but gave the jeans to myself a little early. May as well get as much use out of them as I could, considering the price! I’m only going to fit into them for a couple of months, so let’s get another month out of them, instead of waiting for Christmas. When she first gave them to me I was just 4 months pregnant. Still fitting, rather comfortably, into my old jeans. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t too thrilled to be receiving them – and for a Christmas present?! I thought this is it now, all of my birthdays and Christmases are going to be designed around the baby – all gifts for him and none for me! (Selfish thought? Quite possibly!)


When I first opened them I was a little amused at how they looked! There was a pair of jeans with a massive elasticated piece of fabric to go round the bump. I thought the bump wasn’t quite big enough to fit into this; I tried them on despite thinking that.

As soon as they were on I knew. These are now my new favourite jeans. I can not describe to you how nice it felt. Not only that, but it made me realise how uncomfortable my other jeans were. They were tight and digging in slightly, at the bottom of the bump. Making me realise that they just weren’t going to cut it for much longer.


The only thing I didn’t like about them was that the actual jean part of them started a lot lower than usual. Now, I have realised they have done that for comfort reasons! With that starting lower it gives my bump less pressure when wearing them. Giving baby that little bit of extra leg room that he so much needs; I already know he has long legs thanks to my growth scan!


The whole point in this post was to tell you about the shops / online places that you can purchase maternity clothing from. If you are new to the ‘pregnancy scene’ just as I am then you may be in the same situation as me. Not having a clue where to start looking. You may be thinking that you will be fine with just some leggings and a baggy jumper. Can I just say now, that is exactly what I thought and as much as I hate to admit it; I was so wrong.


Since purchasing the maternity clothing, I will always reach for that instead of my usual. There is a reason there are whole sections for just maternity clothes; It is just 1000x comfier.


Okay, so now onto the actual shops



The famous jeans I spoke about a minute ago are actually from H&M. I must admit, their maternity range has to be my favourite of them all. Not only is it affordable but they have actually got some really nice ‘in season’ clothing. Every time I go on their website, or even into the store actually, they have always got new things there. The quality of their clothing is amazing as well. My jeans have been going strong for 3 months now. I wear those things almost every single day. I work in them, as well as wear then outside of work. So, as you can imagine they get washed a LOT. The colour doesn’t even look that faded either if I am honest. Yes, they have faded a little, but what black jeans don’t fade? At least these ones are still classed as black jeans, they haven’t crossed the black/grey boundaries as of yet.



Being pregnant for 9 months means a good part of the year you are bigger than your usual self. I am sure there are at least 1 or 2 events that you must attend while being pregnant. My favourite place to look for maternity clothing for events is BooHoo. Before a few weeks ago I was completely oblivious to the fact that BooHoo even sold Maternity clothing. I am SO glad I stumbled across their range though. They have some beautiful things there, not just for events but every day too. I purchased a dress from them for an event I had coming-up (Not only because it was on sale). I am very impressed with the dress. It was super comfortable, didn’t make me look too frumpy. I know a lot of maternity clothing can fit a little weird, making people look a bit bigger than they are. I feel like this particular dress framed my figure and the bump really nicely.



Personally, I have never been the biggest fan of ASOS clothing. Something about their style just doesn’t grab my attention. Their maternity clothes, on the other hand, are very nice! It’s actually the site I found my BooHoo dress on! I actually found a few items I would have worn and felt comfortable in; Something that VERY rarely happens for me on this site. If you are a fan of the ASOS style then their maternity range will be right up your street. They have everything from leggings to dresses to bras (something I highly suggest getting your hands on, your old ones just won’t fit the same anymore!)



Next. Of course, how did I forget about them? They are a little more pricey than the other places that I have mentioned in this post but what do you expect from Next? The quality of their maternity wear is just as good as their normal clothing. The leggings I have from them are my favourite. The most comfortable pair of leggings I own.


Other Shops For You To Browse

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