My Nail Polish Collection

Hi there!

Having long nails, naturally, is something that I am quite proud of. I don’t like to get the fake acrylic nails, having them naturally long is so much easier for me; Not to mention the money I am saving by not getting them done professionally! Painting them is also something I enjoy doing. The whole process from choosing the colours, to sitting there waiting for them to dry. I have never been much adventurous with painting them, I will do the odd two-tone nail (Either ombre with a sponge or use some tape to create a dead-straight line) but aside from that I normally stick to just one block colour, using a different colour for the ring finger; Why do we do that?!


With that being said, I think I have a rather large collection of nail polish. I have recently removed a lot from my collection, I hadn’t used them for a while so they went really disgusting. As in, you couldn’t open them or they were extremely goopy, disgusting! It was quite embarrassing. Even after throwing out a load, there are still quite a lot of different ones in my collection. So; Here they are


Academy Of Colour – 9, 11 & 8
I think these three came in a pack together


Barry M Molten Metal – Pink Ice, Purple Frost & Blue Glacier.
Barry M Liquid Chrome – Rain On Me
Barry M Gelly Paint – Sugar Apple


Makeup Gallery – Lavender Cream, Rainbow Sprinkles, Top Coat & Matte Top Coat


Collection – Midnight  & 2-in-1 Stronger Nails


Juicy – Pale Pink
Rimmel x Rita Ora – Fit For A Princess
Revolution – Cupid In Disguise
The Beauty Parlour – Pretty In Pink
Studio London


Academy Of Colour
No7 – Hot To Trot


Autograph – Cranberry
Trust Fund Beauty – Kiss Kiss Darling


What is your favourite nail polish? I am definitely on the hunt for some more to add! Is anyone’s nail polish collection ever complete?!

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