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One thing you need to know about me; As soon as I decide I like something I then go all in. There is only black and white with me, no grey. So, when I took a step into the Bullet Journal community I felt I needed ALL the pens to accomplish it.


I can’t say my pen collection is the biggest of them all but I think I do have a few too many pens for just one person. I don’t even really know what to do with them if I am honest. As of now, I just have them all stood in mugs and mason jars. I actually had too many mugs when I was sorting through everything, so ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as they say.


The way they are organised at the moment is not something I am happy with, I just haven’t really got round to sorting them all out. Realistically, I want to purchase myself some acrylic storage space for the pens. I much prefer the way they look when they are organised like that, I feel like at the moment they look super messy in my little office space. Also, I heard having them stood up can make them run out of ink quicker; I don’t know how true that is?!


Rant now over. Here is the collection I have;



Colouring Pens


Go Create Coloured Fibre Tips – Tesco £4.00
This is the first set of pens that I purchased for Bullet Journalling purposes. I also got myself a notebook at this time, which I stopped using after about 2 weeks! These pens? I still use these. I love them for adding a bit of definition to the colouring. With 50 different colours, I can always guarantee the perfect shade is in this set. They come in the plastic container as well, so I didn’t even need to find storage for them! Win-win if you ask me.



Staedtler Triplus Fibre Tip Pens – Ryman £12.99
Something about these pens I am in love with. They have lasted for ages, for a start. I purchased these well over a year ago and every single one of them are still going strong. I use all 10 of the colours without fail. The triangle shape works perfectly for me, being left-handed can make it hard to find pens that are comfortable to hold for a period of time. I did want to get the larger pack because I already have the 10 colours I felt there was no need. I would just have duplicates of the colours, which I don’t need.



Staedtler Brush Lettering Pen Set.

My first, and only, set of brush pens. I adore these. They have two ends, so one is the brush lettering side, the other is a much finer tip. Making it easier for me to add some detail to the lettering, and pages that I create using these pens. The only thing I would say about these, the tip for the brush lettering side has frayed a little. I must say, I have got a lot of use out of these pens though, so I can’t complain too much. Plus, I am a newbie at this brush lettering business, so I am likely a lot more rough with the pens than more experienced people are. Also, there is no straight up pink colour, there is a pink/purple, but not just pink. Aside from that, these have made my brush lettering so much better, and I am in love with them.



Crayola Super Tips – eBay £5.99
These are a cult favourite in the Bullet Journal community, I completely understand why. These are my go-to for anything I do. Not only can you colour with them but you can also do brush lettering, with a bit of practice. The cone-shaped nib allows for both thin and thicker strokes. 24 different coloured pens for less than £6?! Yes, please! Not one of these pens has frayed, even slightly. I use these a LOT. I mean, they are my favourites in my collection, I will use them for almost anything. They can be used over the top of ink, normal ballpoint pen. They do ghost slightly through my paper, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.



Gel Pens


Tesco Gel Pen Ultimate Collection.
This is the only set of gel pens I had, for the longest time. Every time I use them I forget how much I really dislike them. The smudging from them is unreal. If I want to use them I must leave them to dry for hours, which is just annoying. Being left-handed doesn’t help the smudging either, when I write with them I end up dragging the ink across the page and get it all over my hand. If they didn’t smudge I would LOVE them. I love all of the colours within all the ranges (glitter, pastel, neon, metallic and original).



Uni-Ball Signo Metallic – Sainsbury’s £3.00
These pens have completely changed my whole outlook on gel pens. After the previous ones, I had almost given up with them. These two are just amazing! There is little smudging with them, even when I am erasing over the top of them – less than 10 minutes after using them! They are super shiny and stay that way even after they have dried. I use the silver one much more than I do the gold, but that is just a personal preference of colouring.





Micron 0.3 Fineliner – Wish £1.00
Whether this was disappointing because it was from Wish, so it wasn’t real, or because I had such an un-achievable high expectation for it I don’t know. What I do know, is I do not like this pen at all. I find it to be very scratchy on the paper, it doesn’t glide as nicely as other fine liners do.  Also, I found the colour was closer to brown than it was black. I found it to be a little too light for me. When  I write in black I want it to be super-black, this pen just wasn’t that for me.



Staedtler Triplus Fineliner – Ryman £1.49
When I first got this pen I was in love with it. The more I use it though, the more I dislike it. I am not too sure what it is? The nib seems to be wearing down much quicker than I thought it would in all honesty. So, I try not to use it too much, because of the nib. Also, The colour has gone a little grey-ish as well. Maybe it is just time to get myself a new one? When it is new I might enjoy it a lot more, again, but for now. It stays in its mug the majority of the time.



Uni-Pin Fineliner – Ryman £14.99
These are by far my favourite fineliners in my collection. I love how black the ink is, the whole time I use them. It doesn’t matter how fast I glide the pen across the paper, the ink will still come out super black. When writing with them I don’t feel like they are scratching the paper half as much as the others do. It glides on so nicely leaving the ink evenly across the page. The nib can go down quite quickly if you are heavy-handed with these pens. As long as you remember that though, use a much lighter hand, and you will be alright.







Scriblicious Colouring Pencils – The Works £4.00
These are the only colouring pencils I actually own. Not because I love them so much just because I don’t use pencils as much as I used too. The pencils themselves seem to be alright though. I don’t love them but then again, I don’t hate them. Some of them can be a little weird though ( You know how on some cheaper pencils the wood can be a bit weird, especially when sharpening them? It can sometimes make the nib of the pencil look weird? It’s like that). Saying that the majority of them are really nice. The colour doesn’t go patchy when you’re colouring with them. Blending two colours can be a little tough but with some patience, you can make it work.
Writing this has actually made me want to use them again, I am going to purchase myself a new colouring book to give me an excuse to use them!



HB Pencil – Tesco, Aldi + Random.
An ordinary pencil is a must for bullet journaling. It doesn’t matter how difficult the page is intended to be I will ALWAYS go in first with a standard HB pencil. There is nothing fascinating about any of the ones I have. (One of them is slightly chewed! I know! MY cat likes to play with the ones I am writing with, so I have dedicated just the one pencil, so she can chew it all she wants, while I use a different one.) The ones with the rose gold at the bottom, they are the ones from Aldi. They are actually the ones I tend to reach for first, probably because they are a bit prettier to look at?!



Ballpoint Pens



PaperMate InkJoy Ballpoint – Tesco £5.50
These are by far my favourite ballpoint pens to write with. They make writing so much fun! They glide onto the paper with no problems at all. The ink is so consistent, with no ‘white marks’ (You know how sometimes when you are writing with ballpoint pens and the ink just decided to stop writing for a letter or two?!) Nothing like that with these pens. What makes it even easier to write with is the shape of the actual pen. They are very rounded triangles, making it so much comfier to have in your hand for long periods of time. The pack I have has a total of 18 pens, with different colours in; Making your writing a little more fun. If I was going to recommend just one ballpoint pen, it would be these ones.



Pastel Ballpoint – Poundland £1.00
I am actually using one of these currently, for my daily logging. These pens I use and like, I just don’t really have anything special to say about them. They write really nicely, gliding onto the paper. I have not noticed any weird ‘white paper’ marks when writing. It’s pretty comfortable to use, just a standard circular ballpoint pen. 3 pens for a £1.00, you can’t go wrong really.



Pastel Triangular Ballpoint – Primark

These pens are almost soft-grip pens? They are super comfortable to hold. In the shape of a triangle, quite an abrupt one as well, making it much more comfy to hold than a regular circular pen. Also, the colours of them?! They were too cute not to pick them up, adding them to my ever-expanding collection. The only thing I don’t like is the scratchiness of them. When I am writing it’s almost like I can hear the ink coming out onto the paper. It’s ever-so-slightly scratching the paper. I mean, I can put up with it, but only for a short period of time.



What are your favourite pens/pencils to use?

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