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Spending countless hours on Pinterest is always igniting my inspiration for my Bullet Journal. Meaning, I am always finding new pages I want to add into my personal journal.


level 10 life

This is one I have been going back and forward with the idea for a while now. I am still not 100% sure as to what the aim is. I have a basic understanding of it. So, there are 10 areas/categories in your life that you want to improve. You rate how good they are out of 10. You then choose goals for each category that you can complete to ‘up your level’. The idea of this is to get to level 10 on each one by the end of the year.
I think! That’s what I understand from it anyway.

I just think this is a nice little thing for me to start doing and work towards throughout the year. I actually wanted to add the pages back at the beginning of January 2019, I just forgot! That must mean I didn’t want them that much, right?

I'm finally diving in and explaining the HOW and the WHY behind my Level 10 Life spread in my Bullet Journal :)


Level 10 life bullet journal


Level 10 Life Bullet Journal



theme ideas

I have a small square on one my back pages with a few theme ideas listed. I feel like when I come up with an idea I like to have a few things to go by when creating the pages. For Example: When I think of a theme of Pizza (It’s My February theme!) I want to jot/doodle down a few ideas – how I am going to incorporate the theme into my planner pages. So how am I going to make a habit tracker that involves pizzas? Which is why I think, for me personally, a whole page is going to be better for this. So, as soon as I get the idea I can doodle/note how I want the pages to look.

reddit: the front page of the internet

master shopping list

This is something I have been seeing for ages, I just never felt it was going to help me much. The more I see it around the more I feel like I am going to be able to make it work for me.
Let me start by saying I HATE food shopping (Well, any shopping for that matter) So if I can avoid going then I will. Online shopping here we come! Thinking about it though, I am sure this page is going to help me more when I am online shopping than if I was actually in the shop. I can’t help but get distracted when in the shop, I end up coming home with nothing that was on the list yet everything else the shop has to offer. Anyone else?
Now that I have lived on my own for over a year, I feel like there are things that me and partner purchase every time we go shopping – which is the whole point in this list. You write the items that you shop for frequently so you can refer back to it when you’re shopping. Instead of having to write these items out every single time, we all know how tedious and boring that can get.

Master Shopping list in bullet journal


bujo master list



master to do list

I am a serial lister. A to-do list every single day. There are just some items that need doing that don’t necessarily have a date/time schedule. You know the ones! The larger tasks that you have been putting off for months. I forget about them till I get a sudden thought. 5 minutes later it’s gone! So, I feel like this is going to help me. Whether I go through them when I have a day off or just leave them written down, so I know they need doing.

Bullet journal to do list                                                                                                                                                      More


Master To Do List - Planners


Bullet journal master task list, bullet journal giant to do list. | @cindywildflowers



cleaning schedule

I had one of these in my previous journal and loved it. Why I didn’t transfer it into my new one I will never know!
I have a small table with it on, but I much prefer my old one. It was pretty and colourful. I even colour coded this new one with brown – As if I needed another reason to dislike cleaning!
I liked knowing what I had done and when I had done it last, so I could easily know what I needed too clean.

#Cleaning #Schedule for the whole year. I love the easy to read breakdown for weekly, monthly, and bi-annually needed #chores. You could make a bigger one and include all chores, or break it down for one page per section of the house, and #outdoors. I wonder if the boys at home would been keen on this... #HerSolution #homeandgarden


Cleaning Schedule Monthly


13 Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Ideas to try



handwriting practice

This is something I am really trying to work on. So, this month I am going to create a page with the alphabet – so that in a few months I can look back to see how far I have come. I would like to take part in some lettering challenges as well, so I think I will be adding a page or two with that on somehow.

If anybody struggles w/ a brush pen, this tutorial by @studyamands is great for practicing lettering 😊💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instead of applying heavy…

netflix series tracker

Have you seen some of these pages? They are just genius and beautiful! With my maternity leave just around the corner, I know I am going to have much more time to myself – meaning Netflix will be on the TV much more! There are a few series that I have wanted to watch for a while now, this is going to be the perfect time for me to start watching them don’t you think?! I would love to track what I watch and where I am up too in each series. As well as creating pages at the end of each one to review what I watched. I am planning to start doing this for movies as well! I have a few movies that I want to do this with, first of all, just to see how I do with it. But, that’s for a whole other post.

Bullet journal


Creative journaling - Series tracker (Netflix) - #journaling #creativejournaling #netflix #netflixtracker #seriestracker #tracker


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      PInterest is the best place for inspiration if you are looking to add any of these pages. xox

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