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Hi there!

As you may know, last month, for my bullet journal I decided to go for a much more minimalistic theme (If you are more interested in that, click this link here) For April, however, I have been pretty inspired by all of the beautiful things I was looking at on Pinterest; Mostly quotes this month because I was looking for inspiration for my lettering, that I never really done much of. Something good came out of it though, I had decided on a theme for my April spreads. This month has been designed around ‘space’.

For the first page of the month, I have made it colourful, as opposed to the simple black letter for March. I kept the little calendar in the corner of the page, as I found this to be super helpful when I just wanted to take a quick glance at the month ahead. I made the planets look like they are ‘hanging’ from string almost. Which is something I quite liked actually? Instead of having them just floating around, I felt it looked too busy like that. Having them organised this way gave me the freedom to write the word ‘April’ wherever I wanted, as well as adding some of the gold stars all over the page. The bottom felt a little empty too me. So, just like I had with the top I added some planets, but this time they are hanging off the bottom of the letters.

Weekly pages. This is something I really wanted to try something new on. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The way I have had my weeklies previously have worked for me. It makes it easier to see everything I need to do/achieve within the week. Trying not to make it too confusing for me too glance at, otherwise, I just wouldn’t use it! Instead of having a whole spread for the week though, I condensed them so I have just one week per page. Allowing me more space to actually journal on a daily basis, rather than just add notes each day. I wanted to keep within the space theme though. For this, I used 8 different colours for the days at the top of each box. I also used the gold, that I have been using for my stars, for the numbers. I tried to have the pen used for each of the days, not using the same colour for two of the same days.

The last week in April is just 2 days! Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week overlaps into May. Personally, I don’t like having the week in the wrong month. I know, it makes everything so much harder for me, it’s just a quirk of mine. So, for the last ‘week’ of the month. I added the two days, as usual, leaving a box for Notes; you never know! I then used the rest of the space to draw some more planets and stars. This time, because it was only the bottom half of the page, I let myself loose and drew the planets wherever I wanted (without the string).

The following page is my mood tracker. It’s back! I tried the ‘Year In Pixels’ (There is more information about that in my previous post, here, if you’re unsure!) But again, as I did the first time, I have abandoned it. I can’t stand the look of the page anymore. I think, next time I will be avoiding this page; So, I might have said that last time, but this time I mean it! Anyway, back to the mood tracker. This is probably my least favourite page of the whole set up. I wanted to incorporate the space theme into it. So, I drew planets for each of the days, altering the colours between red, orange and yellow. My plan is to add a little pattern onto each one, with the corresponding colours at the bottom of the page, to show how I was feeling that day. My only worry? I don’t think the lighter colours are going to show up on the red planets! Maybe not even the orange ones. I should have tried it and really thought about it before I went in with the colours. Silly Jade didn’t think! That being said, I am just happy that my mood tracker is back. I can now see when I am having a bad few days and how to change it.

The trusty Habit Tracker. I went super simple with this one. Tracking my eating and blogging is my main aim for this page. I felt with the previous ones I couldn’t track as much, leaving room for just 4 habits? That was never going to work. For April, I have taken it back to the basics. A simple chart. I used the colours in the weekly spreads for the habits down the side of the page. I am planning to use either black or gold (Seeing which one looks better) for the habits. Drawing a little star on the square of each one, when I have completed it. Then, if I miss out loads, I can then draw little constellations with the stars. Instead of putting pressure on myself to complete them every single day, if I miss some I can still make it look pretty.

Another new page this month! Is my Post Planner. I need to be organised this month with my blog; If I still want to get some content out. As you may know, I am due this month (My little baby will be here by the end of the month!) So, if I still want content out on a regular basis I need to get my ass into gear with scheduling posts! Previously I was doing something very similar to this in another notebook – Why?! I don’t know! Putting everything into one book makes so much more sense too me. That’s exactly what I did. I kept it super simple, ignoring the theme for this page, to be honest. I just needed something that is functional.

My post idea will be going down the left side of the page. I can then tick off the things that I have done with that post, before I schedule it, to ensure it is ready. Allowing me to quickly glance at the page to see what still needs to be done.

The last page of the month is another challenge I have decided to take part in! I know, I normally fail at these, but they are fun to take part in! This is called the #100dayproject (click here for the website) I chose this one because it is completely flexible. Literally, you chose something you want to do for 100 days and track your progress. For me, it was to journal every day, even just a little to-do list will suffice. You’re not even too late! It only started yesterday, so go ahead and join up and follow the hashtag on Instagram for more inspiration. There are so many people taking part. Daily journaling is something I really used to throw myself into. It appears I have lost the motivation for this recently. Hopefully, though, this is the project to put me back into it. I made it prettier by putting the numbers in rainbow order, giving me a little more motivation to cross them off!

What is your theme this month?

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