Plan With Me | December 2019

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Moving over to a new Bullet Journal was such an overwhelming thing for me. I was putting it off for so long! I stopped using my journal as much as I could just because I didn’t want to fill up the pages. It would then mean I was either left with no journal or would need a new one. The day finally came when I needed a new one!

Before I moved into a new journal completely, I wrote a list (I am such a list person – Hence the journal!) of the pages I really wanted to keep in my new journal. As well as some new ones that I had seen on Pinterest.
Once I had a list of the pages I then created another list (I told you, I love a good list!) in the order that I wanted the pages in.

I have decided the theme for the whole journal, already. I’m going for a much simplistic and minimalistic theme this time around. I need to be a lot more practical and pleasing. As much as I love all of the colours in my old one, I much prefer looking at something simple.

  • Page 1 – Key. This is my second bullet journal, yet my first key page! I didn’t use a key in my first one; Partly because I didn’t really know much about BUllet Journalling back but mostly because I didn’t think I would need one. I feel I have much more need for one now, which is why I wanted to incorporate one this time.

  • Page 2 – Monthly Goals. Breaking down my goals into small segments – monthly, is going to help me achieve them.

  • Page 3 – Yearly Calendar. This is one page I constantly used in my old journal. Which is why I knew straight away I was keeping it. I just love how I can take one look at the page and know exactly what the year ahead looks like.

  • Page 4 – Birthdays. This is another new page for me, but it’s going to help me so much! I have never been much use for remembering dates, so I already know I am going to get a lot of use out of this page.

  • Page 6 – Future To-Do. I love the idea of this page so much! When something gets scheduled for two months in advance, I would have no space to put the idea. Now I do! A post-it note for each month which I can write on, whether it is an appointment (Pregnancy and babies require many of these!) or just something I want to do that month, I now have a specific page to put it all!
  • Page 7 – Monthly cleaning page. I tried something like this in my first journal but never kept up with it. I feel like because it was right in the middle of the book I just kept forgetting where it is. So I just never ended up using it. Now though, with it right at the beginning of the book I am going to use it a lot more – I hope!
  • Page 8 – Year in Pixels. This is the page that made me realize that I wanted a much more simplistic theme. I loved my old one, for about a month, then got bored of it. With something so simple I can’t get bored of it. Using much lighter colours for the moods is going to help with using it more. I feel when the colours were too bright that it was much less appealing to me.

  • Page 9 – Sleep Log. This is the same concept as the year in pixels. Instead of tracking my mood I am planning to track my sleep. I am hoping this is going to help see if there is a correlation to my mood and how much sleep I am getting; Or not getting.
  • Page 10 – Savings Wall. This is also something I tried in my first journal but never ended up using much. I literally hated the way this page looked and never wanted to look at it, ever. Leaving it completely abandoned as soon as it was finished. I like the idea of recording how much you are managing to save, seeing it on paper, being able to look at how close you are to your goal.
  • Page 12 – Books To Read. How many times have you said the sentence ‘I must read that!’ but just completely forgot about it? The number of times that has happened to me, I have actually lost count. Which is the reason why I have this page now – a specific place to record the books for future reference.

  • Page 13 – Book’s I’ve read. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous page. Once I have finished the book I planning to record the name and author as well as how much I enjoyed it out of 6 *’s. I chose 6, instead of 5, because I can’t then go directly in the middle, I will need to chose whether it will be a little higher or lower than the middle.
  • Page 14 – Movie watch list. Yet another page for me to just record a list of things I want to do, instead of books though it’s movies.
  • Page 15 – Disney Classics. I want to, eventually, have all of the Disney classics on DVD. Which is why I like to have a record of them all somewhere – this is the perfect place for me to do that.
  • Page 16 – Blog Post Categories. Every time I have a new post out, I record it on this chart. This is going to be very helpful to me now, I am planning to add in what category I post each time I have new content out. This will help me to see which category I need to post more of, with a simple colour coding method.

  • Page 18 – Self-care page. Sometimes, I forget that self-care is something I need to do, as well as how I can do it. Which is why I am going to fill this page with things that make me feel good. So when I am having a bad time I can easily just flip back to this page in order to try and pick myself back up again.
  • Page 19 – Quotes to remember. Doesn’t everyone love a good quote? I feel like I see them around a lot yet don’t remember them, which is why I have this page now. To record all of the quotes I see and like.
  • Page 20 – Brain Dump. This page is another new one but is going to be filled with random thoughts I have, or just anything I don’t know where else to put. This page is where it is going.

  • Page 21 – Blog Post ideas. I have ideas for a new post all the time, but as soon as I sit down to write, nothing. I can now actually record the thoughts I have. So next time I ‘have nothing to write about’ I can turn to this page for some inspiration.
  • Page 22 – Instagram Hashtags. I don’t know how much I am going to use this but I am looking forward to finding out. Having a completely new Instagram, I am going to find myself needing one or two hashtags for the growth of the page. This is why I wanted to have a place with all relevant hashtags to refer too when I post something new.
  • Page 24 – Statistic tracker. I started this in my old journal. Deleting social media left me no need for this anymore. Now, I have my blog and Instagram back it gives me something to track again. Recording the numbers on the last day of the month helping me to see how well (or not well!) things are going.

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