Shit! I’m Pregnant

Hi there!

The moment you look down onto the stick you just peed on, half knowing the answer, but not wanting to see it in the flesh. Your eyes go over the two lines once, twice and a third time just to be sure. What you thought you knew has now been confirmed, you are in fact pregnant.
Your first thought? Shit!

Secondly, Now what?

Well, that’s what I am here for!

That is exactly how my pregnancy got revealed to me. I then took around 3 days to actually throw the instructions, box and stick away – my thought process? If I don’t look at it, it’s not real, right?! How wrong I was! apparently, the at-home tests are now so accurate they do not even complete another one for you while you are in the doctors! So, if that stick says you’re pregnant, it’s almost 100% that you are pregnant!

The first thing I did was get straight onto the phone to your doctor’s surgery – they will advise what to do from there. In my case, there was an online form to fill out. I gave my contact details, information on my last period – which I had, quite literally, NO IDEA about. So, I answered with all the knowledge I could, pressed send, and waited, very impatiently. For the next 3 days!

Within those forever-feeling days, there are a few things that should be done. Which, back then, I wish I has a post like this to refer too!

Get yourself to your nearest supermarket to pick up your Folic Acid Tablets. As you may, or may not, be aware that Folic Acid is key in your babies growth. It helps to aid the growth of the bones and brain, which is why it is so vital in your first few weeks! If you start taking them as soon as you find out, there is less chance of something going wrong later down the line. But, if you forget to take it, it’s honestly not the end of the world – If only you knew how many I forgot to take! Put them near your bed, to remind yourself to take the following morning. The time of day doesn’t matter when taking these tables, as long as you are taking one a day – do not exceed this amount though.

Take note of the things you eat currently, making any changes to your diet now. The earlier you start to make changes to your diet, the more likely you are to actually stick to it. If eating 5 portions of fruit and veg is something you struggle with, try incorporating just one or two into your daily diet. Then the further along your pregnancy the more you can incorporate into your diet, giving your baby the right vitamins they need.

Know that the fatigue you are feeling is NOT because of your diet. If you have been feeling extremely tired over the past few weeks, you now know that you are sleeping at nights, your diet is perfectly fine and those naps you seem to be having are completely normal. Almost everything you are is going straight into the baby, not you! Which is going to leave you a lot more fatigued than you are used too, so if you need an extra hour, or 3, on the sofa napping – you do it! You are carrying a baby, after all, it’s tiring work!

If you have any other things you need to know, please let me know in the comments!

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