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I read this tag from Keeping It Karen. I knew as soon as I read just the title I was going to enjoy reading it, I wasn’t wrong! How fitting does this tag seem though? Seeing as I am currently pregnant. Even though I and my partner are settled on a name, I thought it would be fun to take part in this anyway. See what other names I would like.


1. What is your favourite name from the Friends cast?

Probably choose Rachel for this. I feel that is the name that wouldn’t be weird on a baby – can you imagine a little baby Chandler? Too me, that’s odd.
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2. If you had triplets and had to use 3 winter-themed names, what would they be? (any gender)

Ivy – I have always loved this name for a little girl!
Nieve – This is a cute name for a girl, I didn’t even know it was winter-themed!
Wren – For a little boy, that’s adorable.


3. If you had triplets and had to use 3 summer themed names, what would they be? (any gender)

Cyrus – This is a cute little boy name.
Jasmine – Not only for the princess but the scent too!
Kyra – This is a name I have a love-hate relationship with.


4. What is your favourite typically English baby name?

George – Whether it is because the royal baby George is so cute or because I actually like the name, I will never know.
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5. What are non-negotiable to your partner? Aka names are you set on, no matter what they think?

Iris – Something about this name I absolutely love! I think it’s different and traditional.


6. If you had to use a name from your favourite movie, which would it be?

So my favourite movie is The Greatest Showman. I don’t really like any of the names in the movie, but the name Zac I could get on board with.
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7. If you had to use a name from your phone contacts, which would it be?

I like the name, Holly. I would spell it, Hollie, though.


8. What double-barrelled name would you consider for a boy and a girl?

This is something I have never put much thought into, for some reason a double-barrelled name just doesn’t appeal to me. Although, saying that, some double-barrelled girl names can be very pretty!
Ellie-Mai is one I quite like for a little girl.
Tommy-Lee is a nice one for a boy because when he grows up he can just be called Tom if he prefers.


9. What Disney names would you choose for a boy and a girl?

Aurora is cute for a little girl.
Eric would be nice for a boy.


10. What would you name brunette, blonde and red-haired children?

Secretly hoping my baby is going to be red-haired because the father is!
Brunette: This is a tough one, I don’t know whether I can produce brunette children. My partner has red hair and I have blonde. I really like the name Arianna for a little girl though.
Blonde: Another time I am going to mention the name George, but a little blonde George? How cute!
Red: A little red-haired girl called Iris? Yes, please!


11. Favourite city/country themed name for a boy and a girl?

Italy. Not only is it a beautiful country but it is also the place me and my partner got engaged, so it would just fit.
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12. If you were to pick a Harry Potter themed baby name, what would it be?

Fleur is such a pretty name for a little girl, who even knew it was from Harry Potter?
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13. If you had to use one of your friend’s names, what would it be?

Sophie – I love the name, it’s girly and cute.


14. What is your favourite space-themed name?

Something about the name Astrid I have always loved.


15. Choose a boy and a girl name based on Greek mythology

Athena is a different name for a girl. I like that one!
Alexander is the only boys’ name I kind of like from Greek Mythology. At least you can shorten it to Alex.


That was a lot of fun actually! I would love for you to get involved too! Make sure you link it back to my page so I can see your answers.
All joking aside though, we have actually got a name for baby when he is born. I will be revealing that once he is here! So keep an eye out for that.

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