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So, I wasn’t exactly tagged in this ‘tag’ but it looked like a lot of fun, so wanted to give it a try! Basically, there are 10 questions, all winter themed, that I answer. It’s a little ‘get to know me’ all tied into one! But, It’s almost Christmas so wanted to make it Winter themed. What better way?

  • What is your favourite holiday tradition?

I love the fact that my family goes bowling on Christmas Eve Evening. My parents and siblings go along. Now we are older partners come as well. We then all go back to my parents’ house for a cosy evening together and a hot chocolate.

  • What is your favourite winter scent?

This is not a fair question! I love way too many, but if I had to pick just one it would be Cranberry – everything about them I love! But then there is Cinnamon and Apple, another scent I can’t get enough of.

  • What is your favourite winter fashion trend?

Such a boring answer, but I love woolly jumpers. Actually, I love them all year round, not just in the winter. That paired with leggings, it’s just perfect for me right now. Especially with baby bump coming, there is no way I am trying to fit into my jeans – so leggings and jumper all the way.

  • What is your favourite holiday movie?

Elf. I will actually watch this movie in the summer, just because it is such a feel-good movie. Will Ferrell is one of my favourite actors for a start, so that is just one of the reasons I love it. No matter how I feel it will always make me laugh. Not to mention the number of funny quotes you can gain from the movie.

  • What is your favourite holiday song?

I am such a scrooge when it comes to Christmas music. I understand the thought behind it, it’s supposed to make you feel more festive and ready for Christmas. I just get so bored of them. I feel like they are the same and far too overplayed; Radio stations play them in November I am sure! By the time Christmas actually comes, I am completely done with the music.

  • Travelling or staying home for the holidays?

This depends on where I am travelling too. I don’t think I would like to be away from my hometown in the holidays, but travelling between mine and my partners’ families is good with me. I like to try and see both of them on Christmas day anyway, so going between the two is perfect for us.

  • What is your favourite winter activity?

I don’t really know about this one, there are so many things I love to do in winter. Making a hot chocolate, then drinking them, is definitely one of them. I also love taking walks, no matter what time of year actually, with my partner. Then there is the staying inside on a cold night and playing board games – Monopoly and Uno are my two favourites!

  • Do you love or hate the snow?

The snow and I have a VERY love/hate relationship. I mean, who doesn’t love looking out of the window to a winter wonderland? A white view is much better than a green one, who’s with me? But then it’s the going out in the snow that I don’t love quite as much. The cold hands, icy walkways, snowballs being thrown and then the numbness of your fingers because of the cold.

  • What is one item on your wishlist right now?

It used to be a new journal, but I ended up caving and purchasing one at the end of last month. I didn’t have enough room in my old one for the whole of December – I promise! So, I don’t really know. There is not one specific thing that pops into mind when I think of it. I mean, new pens would never go amiss.

  • What is your favourite holiday treat?

Roast dinner. My most favourite thing about Christmas day is the roast dinner.

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